Tuesday, 15 January 2019

From IannickM - Canaanite Javelinmen (60 Points)

My second submission of the Challenge, and probably my last "alive" unit for awhile is a unit of Canaanite skirmishers, in this case javelinmen. 

Canaanite infantry (hupshu) was made-up of both militia and regular units. Most of the infantry were semi-trained militia or conscripted peasantry, who were lightly armed with spears or bows. Canaanite tradition dating from tribal days dictated that the infantrymen supplied their own equipment, but it is unclear whether this still applied into biblical times. Canaanite semi-formed infantry and skirmishers were mainly used as support to the main shock troops, the chariots.

The figures are from the Biblical range from Foundry, sculpted by the Perrys it seems eons ago but still today some of their best work in my humble opinion. The figures are based on 50mm squares, a size I really enjoy for 28mm multibase projects. It gives a nice skirmish look with 3 per base, but it also works for 6 figures per base for regular units.

The colour scheme is conjectural, of course, and purists will probably say that my blue and red are too bright. But with all that skin I wanted some vivid colours to create contrasts. I've used that very limited palette of red, pale blue and raw linen on all my infantry, to give them a unifying theme.

I've been building that Canaanite army for quite a few years now (veterans of the challenge may remember the project), which is somewhat of an oddity in my case. Usually I build an army, or part of an army, and then move to other projects but I keep coming back to this army. Really, it seems to be my "palate cleanser" between projects, and I do a unit here and a unit there.

It has become a good looking and almost complete force; a few more Chariots if I ever find the courage (I don't like painting Chariots) and it would be complete.

Here is a picture of the force as it currently stands. The newly painted animals work quite well too to give some atmosphere to the force.

Apologies for the average picture, it was taken in my cabinet with 
a cellphone as I felt too lazy to put on a proper photography 
setting and take all the units on the table.

So that's 12 x 28mm figures. A small but satisfying 60pts for this week.

A very nice looking unit and a nice bit of history too. Personally I like the colours on these, I don't think the reds and blues look too startling but they do add 'something' to what would otherwise be a monochromatic colour pallet. 60 points it is. 


  1. Stunning work, Iannick! I've always liked casualty figures being incorporated into bases and yours look terrific. Great 'all in' shot as well. Bravo!

  2. Lovely unit and a great looking army :)

  3. Jumping Johosephat that's a veritable biblical host looking to smite their enemies. Chariot wars is on my bucket list and yours are very well done - love the bright colours.

  4. Nice colourful unit and great looking army!
    Best Iain

  5. The unit and the army look just lovely! I would have to agree the Wargames Foundry Biblical range has stood the test of time and still the best.


  6. A nice addition to your impressive collection. Well done.

  7. “Palate cleanser” - lovely notion, and fine brushwork Iannick. Great job. I have a few projects that I seem to randomly wander back to on the painting table, so I can relate. Lovely work.

    1. I have a pending TM on this expression but I'll allow you to use it with due credit ;-)

  8. Great post and love the completed force. Agree with your points about quality of Perry sculpts! Foundry will probably still be selling these in another 20 years???

    Cheers Jez

  9. Thank you all for the comments!! Always appreciated

  10. Very colourful works of art Iannick!