Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Nurse! The screens!

Not everyone is cut out for the rigours of minioning you lot, and it gives me no great pleasure to report that Ev has collapsed under the strain with a 'mystery illness'. In an earlier AHPC he'd have been dragged into the Canadian tundra and shot for moral cowardice pour encourager les autres, but in this enlightened AHPC IX we're going to see if we can recuperate him with a course of medicated blog posts.
Just relax, Ev, everything is all under control.
Ev's been babbling about 30K and 40K, a best buttocks contest, zombie strippers, Age of Ultronimar, and wants to know Who's his Doctor. Fetch wood and oil!

I'm not going to breach patient confidentiality*, but can you make the diagnosis of what has floored your usual Wednesday minion?

Too many bad puns?
Foreign bodies?
Glue sniffing?

So snap on your latex gloves and help me heal this gent! Is laughter the best medicine?

Nurse Barks



  1. And he only had one more week to go until retirement!

    Get well soon Ev!

  2. Ev, I hope you get well soon! And Curt: please we all know you're a softy at heart!

  3. Got up early to aid Ev; but, Barks beat me to it. The spreadsheet is safe for now and I didn't have to remove my boots for counting purposes! ;)
    Good support, Barks! I also hope Ev gets better soon too. I think the work load broke him! ;)

  4. Nurse 9mm of soft lead Stat!

    but seriously feel better Ev.

  5. You don't have to be mad to work here, but it helps.

    Get well soon Ev.

  6. Thanks for stepping in Barks.

    Ev, get well soon or else Nurse Barks will have to put on the blue gloves and make you cough (probably shout). ;)

  7. Best wishes for a quick recovery Ev

  8. Hope you make a speedy recovery EV!
    Best Iain

  9. You guys...!

    Thanks to all the well-wishers, and especially to Curt and Nurse Barks, whose ministrations have done a lot to lift my spirits.

    I am now recuperating with lots and lots of fluids. And that's all I'm divulging for the moment!

    1. Bloody hell, I thought you were dead!

    2. Dehydration is a terrible thing. Let's leave it at that.