Monday, 23 December 2019

From TamsinP: 28mm Pulp Gangsters #1 (25 points)

Two entries in two days? Why, yes! As I'm going to be away and not painting for a few the next few days, I thought I'd get a few more figures painted and submitted to tide me over.

Whereas the figures for my first entry were brand new, these ones were prepped ready for AHPC 7 - have no fear Phil - there are plenty more of them should I visit Hawkins' Hill.

Four of the figures are "Two Bit Hoods" from Pulp Figures; the other is from Dixon Miniatures. Some of you may recall that in my final submission last year I had realised late on that I'd accidentally swapped a "Two Bit Hoods" figure with one from the Dixon "Bonnie & Clyde and the Barrow Gang" set. Well, the figure I should have painted last year was this one:

But the one I painted was this:

Reuniting them with their proper sets:

Two Bit Hoods

Bonnie & Clyde and the Barrow Gang

Didn't notice that long strand of static grass when I took the pic
I didn't use the wet palette today (although at times it would have been helpful). I also haven't varnished them yet as I finished them slightly too late to be using the airbrush - that will get done in the morning.

For scoring:
5 x 28mm foot figure = 25 points


I always enjoy seeing your Pulp work Tamsin, especially when they feature the models from Bob Murch's line - they're so characterful and fun. I particularly like the fellow in the camel coat and red scarf (he obviously didn't read the memo on Hood dress code). I also admire the effect of the concrete pavers for your basework. They seem very evocative of the period.

25 points for you Tamsin. Excellent stuff. What's next? 


  1. Lovely stuff Tamsin dare I say Pulptastic!

    Regards Ken

  2. these are great, esp the guy in hte red tie. Hope you get well soon

  3. Lovely models, great work Tamsin

  4. Good stuff as always I realy like the fellow witht he red tie.

  5. Great looking hoodlums! I echo the approval of the chap in the camel hair coat!
    Best Iain

  6. I'm always keen to see your work, Tamsin, and it never disappoints. If hoodlums could be lovely, then these would be they.

  7. Very nice Tamsin! Having just watched Cheeky Blinders, all I can hear are Manchester accents coming from them!

  8. Good stuff. I’m looking at trying a wet palette myself.

  9. Ooh I do like those a lot, especially the brigh5 reds and blues against the more muted base clothing. Well done Miss P

  10. Another fantastic entry in a very short period of time.

  11. @ Curt - thanks! I know that you like seeing my Pulp stuff, so I thought I'd give you an early treat! the camel coat chap is my favourite as well, but establishing the texture took a fair bit of patience :)

    @ Ken - cheers! You may :)

    @ Martin C - thanks! Red tie? If you mean the chap in shirtsleeves, he was painted in AHPC 9! :)

    @ Tom - cheers! :)

    @ Adam C - thanks! :)

    @ Iain - cheers! The camel hair was fun to paint, even if it did take a fair bit of effort to get the texture :)

    @ Greg B - thanks! :)

    @ Noel - cheers! I'm told that they really do look after their dear, old mothers :)

    @ Paul O'G - thanks! :)

    @ Bill - cheers! :)

    @ Barks - thanks! You should :)

    @ Peter D - cheers! :)

    @ Stuart L - thanks! :)

  12. Great work Tamsin! Like Curt I'm particularly taken with your bases. Love the effect.

  13. Very good painting work. I like a lot the contrast of bright colours against the dark suits. I'm with Burt too, the bases are a very nice touch

  14. Lovely work as usual Tamsin, very nice indeed!

  15. @ Nick - thanks! :)

    @ Benito - cheers! I thought the bright/dark contrast worked well too :)

    @ Paul SS - thanks! :)

    @ Samuli - cheers! :)

    @ Sander - thanks! :)

    @ Peter A - cheers! :)

  16. Wonderful work, Tamsin! I like the sidewalk basework and the sporadic bits of spot color. Although the fellow with the red scarf is obviously the flamboyant leader. They are a grand addition to your violent town!

  17. @ DavidB - thanks! I think he probably is the leader of that small gang of hoods. :)

    @ Will - cheers! :)


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