Sunday, 12 January 2020

From TamsinP: 28mm WW2 British Airborne Supports (150 points)

My fifth entry this Challenge sees me complete (for now at least) a project that I have been working on for the past few months - my WW2 British Airborne force for Chain of Command. I started out with my usual good intentions - just a platoon and a few supports - but inevitably the project has crept and I can probably now (with this lot) field a full company plus a lot of supports. Oh, well! *lol*

But on with the pics, and there are a lot to be on with! I'll start with the artillery.

75mm Pack Howitzer

I know what you're thinking - "On-table artillery isn't a thing in CoC". Quite right, but on-table anti tank weapons are, and the 75mm pack howitzer was used in that role at Arnhem (well, Ooosterbeek if you want to be pedantic). This is the second 75mm in my collection - you'll be pleased to hear that I don't intend to add any more.

20mm Polsten Gun

The Polsten Gun was originally developed by Polish engineers as a cheaper alternative to the Swiss Oerlikon anti-aircraft gun. There were two of them (the guns, not Polish engineers!) with 1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron at Arnhem, as part of the squadron's Support Troop. Although designed as an anti-aircraft weapon, the high rate of fire meant that they were also very effective ground weapons - the two guns saw off some German armoured cars near Wolfheze on the first afternoon of Market Garden and did see some action later on.

The gun, it's tow jeep and a trailer could all fit into a Horsa glider along with a few other things.

17 Pounder Anti-Tank Gun

The big beast of the Airborne's anti-tank batteries. I need say no more.

And now for the non-artillery bits:


At some point I should go back and add some blood stains. I'll probably do that once I've added tufts and rubble to all the bases.

Signals and Forward Observers



I told you there were a lot of pics!

The guns and crews are from Warlord Games; the casualties, signals, engineers and snipers are from Black Tree Designs.

Before someone queries the colour of the cap badges - those of the Royal Artillery, Royal Engineers and the Reconnaissance Corps were all bronze/brass.

In case anyone is wondering just how many paints were used in painting this lot, here's a pic:

I've left the bases as just painted texture for now - when the Challenge is over I'll be adding tufts and rubble to the whole collection.

For scoring:

20 x 28mm foot @ 5 = 100 points
6 x 28mm prone @ 2.5 = 15 points
3 x 28mm crew served weapon @ 10 = 30 points

Total = 145 points

From MilesR: WOW - you certainly have a well kitted out para force and the painting is sublime - I love the camo smocks - they look perfect.  I'm throwing in 5 bonus points just for the sheer variety of paints used!


  1. Wonderful work Tamsin! A well kitted out force I‘d say. Wouldn’t want to be the Polsten gunner sitting that high up when enemy armour is around.

  2. Excellent work Tamsin. I see some models that would also complement my own unit paimnted las year that I'd like to explore (the signals party and the casualties). I may recommend you to a look to the 1st Corps website: they have some very nice modles of parachute canopies and the baskets dorpped with weapons and supplies. I'm using them as jumpoff points for my force

  3. Love the cammo jobs n these guys!

  4. Great work, they definitely look the part!

  5. @ Miles - thanks! It took a fair bit of experiment to get the colour scheme right :)

    @ Nick - cheers! The gun is shown in AA-mode; for the ground role, the seat was dropped and the gunner fired from a kneeling/crouched position, but the kit only allows the AA role position [despite no record of their use in that role by British Airborne troops] :)

    @ Slowpainter - thanks! :)

    @ Benito - cheers! I do have some of the paniers and containers from 1st Corps :)

    @ SAS Wargames - thanks! :)

    @ Steve - cheers! :)

  6. Lovely looking para support! Cracking version of the dennison camo!
    Best Iain

  7. Very nice looking British Airborne Tamsin.


  8. Wonderful entry Tamsin. These really look excellent.

  9. Great work on these paras Tamsin, camo is one reason I don’t do WW2 and you’ve nailed it. I really like that pack howitzer.

  10. Way to go Tamsin - the camouflage pattern of British paras is so hard to pull off, you've made it look wonderful - and with so many figures painted, seem easy at scale :) (even though the huge assortment of paints used would indicate otherwise).

    Good to see that others suffer from "mission creep" even after starting out with "just a platoon..."

  11. Great pictures and painting. Think the 17 pounder looks so deadly. Scale wise in the game how far can that monster fire ..... guess across the table and then into the building next door?

  12. Beautiful work Tamsin. I really like your take on the Denison and I really like the basing for the different weapon carriages. Very cool.

  13. @ Iain - thanks! :)

    @ Christopher S - cheers! :)

    @ Lee - thanks! :)

    @ Peter D - cheers! Camo isn't that difficult to paint once you've chosen the right colours :)

    @ Greg B - thanks! With regard to the number of paints, I probably could have cut that down a bit :)

    @ Jez - cheers! For CoC, the ground scale is 1:120, so the effective range would be the next-but-one house; maximum would be the house at the end of the street! ;)

    @ Curt - thanks! II haven't based the pack howitzers and 6-pounders but I knew the 17-pounder would need it to avoid potential breaks; the Polsten gun came with one,but I decided to plonk it onto some MDF to help it blend in better :)

    @ Adam C - cheers! :)

  14. Brilliant work, Tamsin. Must be really great to have all these specialist/support troops.

  15. wow - these are lovely! Looks like those casualties got hit by a points bomb :) The camo is brilliant.

  16. Lovely red berets. Very nice job on the cammo. Interesting assortment of support weapons too.

  17. Awesome work, you've really nailed the camo.

  18. @ Noel - thanks! It's nice to have them in case I need them :)

    @ Jamie - cheers! They could well be the victims of a points bomb :)

    @ Pete - thanks! I've already got the standard supports [3" mortars, Vickers MMGs, 6-pounders] :)

    @ Stuart L - cheers! :)

  19. Wow! They look terrific, Tamsin.

  20. Very nice! That footless casualty is rather grim. The 20mm cannon is new to me.