Sunday 29 January 2023

SkullWatch XIII 3

There have been some big moves in the Skull Duel! Seasoned grognards know that scenery is where it is at, and StuartL and TeemuL got out their master crafted drybrushes for our skullicious enjoyment.

StuartL's pillars

TeemuL's grimdark architecture.

Skull Tally:

  • TeemuL 512
  • StuartL 200
  • Sander 47
  • DavidB 46
  • PeteF 25
  • ChrisW 16
  • MikeW 15
  • GregB 12
  • Barks 0

MikeW's ork with skully fashion sense

ScottR's pagan trophies

BartekR's skull-festooned Chaos Warriors

This is no mine. It's a skully tomb from FrederickC!

PeteF's red spear skellies

SteveA's undead rider and nag

Skull of the Week:

DavidB's Adepticon trophy

As always, to enter the Skull Duel:

a) tag your post 'Skull Duel'

b) state the number of skullz and your cumulative skullz

c) notify Millsy via the Side Duel Spreadsheet (in the right sidebar)


  1. It seens that things are starting to heat up.

    1. Yes. But I'm a bit scared what kind of a monster Barks is building... :)

    2. Noone will believe me, I have no skull bomb.

    3. Well, I left a pile of minis needing basing on my desk before leaving on this gov excursion. I have tanks, terrain and an airbrush waiting my return from duty...I also have vacation then so.....