Monday, 19 March 2018

From KentG: French Infantry, Cavalry, Germans WWII, Mexican and Cowboy (217 Points)

Hi everyone! 

Yes, I have more and hold your breath there is more to come. This box set was given to me by Steven at the club so I thought what the heck lets get them done They are the last french infantry in my house which was my goal for the comp but then i decided lets hold them till the end, sneaky me, and  the two cavalrymen are to finish off the first dragoons I painted in the comp.

On Monday last week a guy turned up with a heap of winter WWII Germans. I couldn't help myself but have a crack at a couple, got to admit i think i can do better so will be working on my technique on the rest.

And then their was the lonely Mexican that was crying out please paint me so i can join my two brothers.


From Curt:
Another stonking entry from our Antipodean Painting Juggernaut. Beautiful work Kent and yet another gorgeous battalion of French grognards - amazing. I also really like your two Germans, especially the fraught Volksturm conscript trying to survive through to the End. Your desperado looks suitably well-armed and desperate so full marks there as well. :)

Including a few extra points for the flags, that makes it 217 points to add to your impressive total. You're now closing in on the 5K mark - that must be a new record for us, good gravy. Well done sir!