Monday, 19 March 2018

From TomM: The Cold Turkey of the End (16 Points)

The last models that I will be entering in the 8th Challenge, and what better conclusion then painting up 6mm pink forces, just as I started out with on this journey.

The first part of the entry this week are this set of Steeds of Slaanesh mounted marines, to provide some fast moving cavalry for use in Future War Commander.

To provide some more heavy support for the force (mind you, I play them in Future War Commander, not the Epic 40k game system), a lovely Hell Knight has been painted up and give some bigger targets to pick, distracting the opponent from the actual game winners, the infantry.

The final part of the entry is a building that I found years ago on a BnB for a measly 25 eurocent, I have no clue at all what range it is from or such, but that will be my HQ 'location' marker in certain scenarios as such.

I`m sorry Curt for the bit of extra work, but I have NO idea how to count points on these.  The cavalry is simple, 12 x1, but the Knight (it`s the size of a regular space marine in 28mm, does that mean 5 points, or does he class as a 6mm vehicle?) and the bunker are beyond me.... so I`ll see what I end up with when the entry is published xD

And that's it, thanks to the organisers of the challenge for this great event, and hopefully I'll be back in next year!


From Curt:
It's great that you returned to finish 'in the pink' with this entry Tom. It's always a treat to see Epic models getting done-up and it's not too often you see Slaaneshi stuff, so this is wonderful to have posted. 

I'm going to mark the Knight as a 6mm vehicle and give you a few extra points for the bunker. 

Well done and I hope to see you out with us for the next edition!