Monday, 19 March 2018

From JezzT: Final Post - Anglo Dane & Renaissance Base Camp (50 points)

Dear All

Just squeezing in a final post. Firstly I have 6 Gripping Beast Anglo Dane - will use these as Saga reinforcements or for Basic Impetus on a sabot base.

Next I have two figures from The Assault Group Italian renaissance range  - these are painted and based to be part of a base camp set for Impetus games. For the base camp I wanted some terrain that could be a base camp on its own but also add to another town base camp creating a bigger town option. This is what I came up with ... just using the old Warhammer town set. I had some pieces already so added in a bell tower and "pimped up" a base to fit.

So that is 8 foot figures - 40 points to add on. Not included base camp as is just a cut out and stick together really.

Not quite made my target but really enjoyed being part again. Thanks Curt and everyone!

Cheers Jez


From Curt: 
Great looking Danes, Jez. Besides, who's going to criticize guys toting big two-handed axes. I also like your two Renaissance chaps (nice flagstone bases), but what really tripped my trigger was seeing that old Warhammer Fantasy card terrain set. Now, that takes me back to the good ole days of the 'Shadows Over Bogenhafen' campaign. What classics. This town base looks excellent (again, the flagstones really tie it all together) and I'm sure will be the envy of your fellow Impetus opponents.

I'm going to give you another 10 points for the town for nothing else but the pure nostalgia of it (besides, sticking stuff together and making a base is still work). Well done Jezz and thanks for participating in this year's event - hope to see you out for the next one.