Monday, 19 March 2018

from RayR - The Cardinals Guard & a Wagon 55 points

This is most probably my last post of the Challenge, I don't think I'll get my last figures finished.
So here we have 8 x Redoubt Enterprises Cardinals Guard to fight my previous entry the 
Four Musketeers.

These are excellent multipart figures. I bought some odds and sods at a show a few years ago and then my daughter bought me some figures for Christmas.

What's great about these is, as they're multipart you can chop and change body's, legs and heads
and come up with different poses.

Check out the 3rd and 5th figure, they're the same body, with different head and legs!!

Lastly I wanted a few wagons to use as barricades or scenery pieces. 
Unfortunately I only finished this one. Its a Col Bill's ECW period wagon
and can be bought for only £5.50. Its made out of MDF and was very easy to put together.

Just for scale, one of the Guards standing next to the wagon, its quite a large piece!!

So for the points.......
8 x 28mm figures - 40 points
1 x Wagon - 15 points for a total of 55 points!!

Well done, Ray! Dumas and the Three Musketeers was a favorite book from my youth. I read and reread the one copy from the church library constantly. I have really enjoyed your Donnybrook entries and it is grand to see you've added the epitome of that game this season. The musketeers, now the cardinals guards....we just need some not Errol Flynns to complete!
The guards are excellent in their crimson tabards and stir the memories of the old Oliver Reed films when you seen the scarlet in wonderful Technicolor! I like the additional work you did with them in the converting and the wagon is also well done and is grand stage for swashbuckling too!
you say 55, but I think 60 is a better number. Give Fran a kick from the old Indian and the deal is sealed! ;)


  1. Great looking musketeers Ray - really fine work on their tabards ! I have a bunch of these from years ago and love their character and animation.

  2. Great work Ray I love the wagon really nicely done

  3. The Red Guard, poo well done Ray. These gigu have come right out of the pages, Dumas would have been proud of you indeed.