Monday, 19 March 2018

From DavidB - Broken Contract (55 pts)

I bought these from a nice gamer/ owner at Adepticon last year. He has been in a couple kickstarters and is a very friendly fellow. It is all for this vision of a mini game and he has a desire to morph it into a Mad Max style vehicle adventure. Broken Contract is for now a simple crawl game with some depth and perfect for missions that link together as the breakers try to escape the prodos.

Black Sun has been importing "colonists" to an arid mining world for generations. The costs of the venture have exceeded profit, so they have abandoned everyone.

The security guards some descendants from original guards are left with those that are owned by the company store. Add criminals, a black market, idealists, agitators, gen-mods....and everyone wants to survive.

This is Xer a gen mod for the security force Black Sun. He has shock gauntlets and yes that is an I-beam he is using as a club. The security force is in predominately black which has a good fascists feel, but I added some color to punch them up. I plan on getting a few more so I will refer to Xer as "Sue" till I get another Xer who will have just the shock gauntlets.

He is a very imposing figure.

The figures came in packaging of rusted connex boxes and cards for gaming including stats and equipment. move is in inches and the game is a u-go-I-go with initiative rolls.

The security force has a couple of ladies and couple of fellows, they are a mixture of sizes which I really like as Leroy on the right is almost as imposing as the modified "Sue"

The Breakers are desperate poor working for the company store and also criminals. Some have been born into the mines and some are desperate criminals yet. My only complaint with these models is Will Kollis and his sledge hammer which is true scale 28 but bends easily and looks weedy compared to the poor worker and criminal behind him.

Still the figures have nice detail and will also find use in generic sci fi games as table-dressing/objectives.

a young girl mechanic and an idealist socialist. Ari Gaylen is the most dynamic figure of the lot and I'm pleased with how her denim trousers turned out.

I tried to make her tactical stone into coal with moderate success. I  may go back and do more to the bases and make it look more like mineral mixed mine floor.

This is a convict turned gen-mod to replace debt for transit or past crimes. he has a large rock grinder.

In one of the demo games I played, I got the part of the stern guards while my buddy got to play the young girls and the hulking Trest. I had to stop them from fleeing the mines while the miners had to escape. Trest bowled over two of the guards and sprinted like a ballerina across and I-beam over a chasm. My guards succeeded in using batons and shock sticks in taking the two girls prisoners while Trest pirouetted away...


Artist: Johnny Cash

I was listening to songs like Company Store, Big John, and drifted into Johnny Cash with Fulsom Prison , God's gonna Cut you Down, ......

"My name is Sue, How-do-you-do!"
Broken Contract has a page in Blogger too.

From Minion JamieM: I've seen a bit of buzz around on this game although no painted figures as yet.  I do like them and your painting puts them right in that "desperate sci-fi" area.  As you say, they'll bee good for the game itself and as window dressing for other games, especially the miners.

55 points it is - excellent work!