Monday, 19 March 2018

From SebastianR: French Rifle Platoon (81 Points)

I have realised that there is no way I am going to be able to do the basing on my final submission, so I'm afraid I'm going to have to take the hit, and submit as is, a complete Flames of War French rifle platoon for early war plus the spotter (mounted and dismounted) for my previous artillery submission.

I also had to skimp on photos...
That's 37 15mm dudes, plus one motorcycle, for what that's worth.

Pay no attention to the giant spiders behind you
I made the most of some the weird poses with the command team pictured below. They look like they've suddenly started taking fire from the rear.

[Insert your own French military history joke here]


Haha, I love your caption for the last image - too good. Great work Sebastian. I love seeing these off-the-margin forces getting some attention. Your brushwork is wonderfully clean adn I really like how that motorcycle team pops with that apple-green colour.

I put this at 81 points which will nicely scoot you across the line for your personal points target. Well done sir and thank you for participating in the madness this year. 



  1. Very nice Sebastian, those chaps look awesome, be sure to show a picture with their bases finished when you do the "what I painted during the Challenge post" ;-)

  2. There are some very odd poses in this set. I like the North Africa version better they are much cleaner and less silly. Still Great Work.

  3. Nice work- I like the stylish sidecar!