Monday, 19 March 2018

From MilesR: Sassy Sassanids (782 Points)

This will be one of my final entries in this year's challenge - A Sassanid army in 15mm from Forged in Battle miniatures.  I got these chaps during the same kickstarter where the Imperial Romans came from.  I've always wanted a calvary heavy army and now I have that chance.

Speaking of Romans, a 24 figure Auxiliary unit was also completed this weekend.  They seem to have drawn a pretty awful rearguard assignment. I'm sure things will work out.  These miniatures are also from Forged in Battle and are Roman Auxiliary Marines.

Lets go down the Sassanid from left to right.  On the left flank is a 27 figure unit of Daylami Hillmen and 1 12 figure units of Horses archers.
Next is the infantry which consist of 26 Archer/slingers in a skirmish mode and 3 units of levy spearmen.

 A close up of the Spearmen - essentially speed bumps on the ancient battlefield the do take up space nicely

The heart of any Sassanid army is heavy cavalry.  This force has 5, 12 figures units of different types of Cataphracts and Ellies - got to love Ellies.
I got a little whimsical on coloring the felt armored horses.
These came out nicely

The army commander and a fair of Ellies.

And finally on the left flank is another pair of 12 figure Horse Archer units.
A shot looking down the left flank and..
a shot looking down the other flank..  These minis were a ton of fun to paint and I can't wait to use them on the tabletop.

One thing I should say is the casting quality is superb and Forged in Battles quality control is excellent - I've been through 31 packs and have yet to experience missing or damaged parts.

As for the tally, lets see:

110 Calvary figures for 440 points

137 Sassanid Infantry for 274 Points

24 Roman Aux Infantry for 48 points

2 Ellies at 10 points each for 20 points
- I counted each ellie as a vehicle (6 pts) plus one full and 2 half figures per Ellie is another 4 so 10 points per pachyderm.

Grand Total 782 points

This should put me over last years total, so I'm pretty happy with the outcome.  I do want to apologize for not being as active in the chatter with this year's forum - business and family issues were a bit more pressing than usual

A very fine force, Miles!
I can't think of any better reason to take a Sassanid force than elephants and cataphract units. I don't think you over did the color either as heavy horse and elephants should have a hot rod appearance.
They look very impressive and that isn't a slight against the foot sloggers that are also bright and detailed very well. 
I am rather glad you posted them on your new table too as it gives us another gander at the brilliant work you did ( just need a fortified town at the dead end road) 
I didn't forget the Roman Marines left at the river living up to the ideals of Horatio either.
I quite like them and their armor which is still distinctly Roman and heavy looking.
Nice work and congrats on squashing your goal!


  1. Very nice indeed and quite a bomb this late in the challenge!

  2. great looking army and 1500+ points in 2 entries is stunning

  3. What a lovely, colourful way to exit the Challenge with a bomb Miles :)

  4. Thanks - I really enjoyed painting these up and like the look and feel of 15's for big ancients battles.

  5. How do you do it? and that terrain is terrific.

  6. Superb work Miles. An entire army in one fell swoop - amazing. I also love seeing them arrayed on your new splendid terrain system. Very, very nice.

  7. Great work myate a whole army in one go it's awesome