Saturday, 26 January 2019

From PaulO'G: Panzer IV Specials (20 points)

A challenging week but I was determined to submit something - anything really - to keep the mojo engaged and the run rate ticking.  So in reply to Dux's lovely M3s last week, here are a couple of long barrelled Pz IV F2/G models to keep them in check.

Pz IV 'Specials' after the battle of El Alamein
Dubbed Pz IV 'Specials' by the Allies, the high velocity L/43 gun with muzzle break significantly increased its anti-tank capabilities and made a big impact in the desert war.  As a result, any long barrelled enemy tanks became priority targets for Allied crewmen. However, the German supply lines could never muster them in large numbers, though some were present at El Alamein.

These are from the PSC Pz IV boxed set, and crewed with Battlefront tank commander figures -  I really like the casual pose on the commander of Panzer #3. Painted up using my patented 'way too many layers and washes that you can even see' method :-)
Thats two 15mm vehicles and 2 crewman for a total of 20 points.

From minion DaveD

Oooh, fine additions Mr O'G , grand indeed 20 pts it is


  1. Ah, an all-time favourite, the desert Panzer! Great work Paul.

  2. Lovely work Paul. The extra stowage and tarps really make them like lived-in veterans. Great brushwork!

  3. Great looking Panzers Paul. You had me double checking for a Pzr III for a bit til I realized it was Panzer number 3.

  4. Early armour is always so nice as an alternative to the overpowered late cats and so well painted at that!

  5. Lovely weathering and I like all the kit,I too was looking for the third Panzer!
    Best Iain

  6. Very nice; I do like the long-barrelled Pz IVs.