Tuesday, 12 February 2019

From AlexS - Wild West, SAGA and Curtgelt (170 points)

Hello to all! My name is Alex and I from Russia. Today I present to your attention a few different miniatures.

First, this is a gang of a vampire and his minions for playing in the wild west. All the miniatures are beautiful, especially the younger vampires, and the supreme vampire himself - just like from old movies! I tried to paint them so that on the table were footage from the movie "Interview with the Vampire."

Secondly, the priest and the "men in black" who hunt for various strange creatures in my world of the Wild West. The priest seemed to have left the frames of the film about exorcism.

Thirdly, four veterans for the game system "Saga". These will be veterans (hearthguard) of the Roman-British gang, I made them last year when I painted this gang for AHPC8, and now I have completed them with these figures. I finished another project!

Fourth, the cultists. Just cultists. Universal cultists for almost any gaming system. I will have the Cthulhu cultists. But they can be cultists of any other gloomy god.

Next - a few soldiers and officers of the army of the Union, which are sure to be useful for games around the world of the Wild West. I painted without taking into account the historical period and the specific regiment, the main thing for me was the recognition of the army in general.

The following miniatures are different characters for the Wild West world. Zombies, Confederates, cowboy pirate and one-eyed necromancer planter. This different set of thumbnails shows how crazy my brain is when I think of my Wild West world.

Well, the most important miniature is that miniature that I painted specifically for the Snow Lord (Curtgelt!) and will send it at the end of the event. This is a goblin from the hobbit’s adventures, but I think it’s great for the theme of this year’s event. I tried to change the technique of work, to make it faded and vile, as in the film. I hope I did it.

That's all for this week. I hope my "vinaigrette" of miniatures today was interesting. Thank you all!


28mm 30 inf x 5 = 150 points

A wonderfully eclectic selection of figures mate, and a real bunch of ne'er-do-well's if ever I saw one. I particularly like the old-school vampires. I think your old west setting would probably have been almost as scary as the historical one! As well as the 150 points for the figures you'll also get an extra 20 points for the Curtgeld bringing this lot up to 170 Points. Nice work mate. 


  1. Fabulous variety of figures Alex :)

  2. Great work Alex.
    "Cultists. Just cultists."
    Love it!

  3. Great variety pack here. Love those Wild Weird West figures. What exactly does a necromancer planter do- does he plant zombie seeds and farm them later?

  4. A nice collection you worked on this week

  5. Great variety, Alex. I think I like the vampire crew best, but the others are really good too.

  6. A fantastic menagerie of figures for the weird west. Great stuff.

  7. Some splendid figures there Alex, and a terrific assortment as well!

  8. That's a great variety. Great stuff. cheers

  9. Lovely mix of figures,the vampires are ace!
    Best Iain

  10. I like the skin tone on the vampires!