Tuesday, 12 March 2019

JamesM - LCA Passengers (part 2!) (90 points)

Hi folks,

A final push to get this lot done before the end of the challenge!

Another three LCA's worth of Canadian troops, which finishes off my flotilla of landing craft. Again, these are 15mm Battlefront miniatures which came with the LCA's. I've painted them up in Canadian uniform colours (or my approximation of them), to go with my Juno beach theme.

Just to prove that I have in fact painted the whole lot (practically a company worth of infantry figures):

A total of 72 figures in this lot, at one point per figure (they are cut off at the thigh, unfortunately, low enough to capture the webbing and water bottles!).

Oh these are wonderful. And they really do complete your LCA's from earlier in the Challenge. These will look spectacular as part of a D-Day / Juno game. 

Points wise I sort of agree with your reasoning for reducing the points, but as you said the majority of the detail is still on the figures, above the cut-off point. It's really only the lower legs and bases that are missing. Hmmm, tell you what, I'm going to treat them as whole models but take a 40% off so 72x2 equals 144 less 40% (rounded down, -57) gives you a total of 87. And then I'm going to throw in three more points because you've bothered with details that most people won't be able to see once they are in the LCA's! 90 points total sound fair to you? 


  1. They look great James. even better when placed into the Landing craft.

  2. Super looking troops,the t look excellent in the boats!
    Best Iain

  3. Why am I thinking of Issac Asimov. If you leave them in a large room do they cluster together?

  4. Good to see em done - nice job

  5. Wonderful work, and a great project!

  6. Thanks folks! And thanks Lee for the bonus points. Target has now been achieved!