Saturday, 28 January 2023

From RayR - Almansa 1707 - French Polaston 's Brigade - 26pts

For today's third post we have another French infantry Brigade.
This one was commanded by Polaston.

They like Sillery's brigade were in the front line of the centre left of the battle.

Regiments in this brigade were Medoc, 2 Battalions of Oleron and 2 Battalions of La Couronne.
All the flags come from my NYW collection and were shrunken down to approx 4mm. Yes they are a little big and yes you would have had Popeye's arms to hold them up! 

Easy points again
5 bases @ 5 points each = 25pts
1 Brigadier base = 1/2 point

So a total of 25.5 once again.

And here we are again with figures so small even an ant has to worry about treading on them. The bases do look very nice all ranked up, and you seem to be churning through this project at a lightning pace. Good work, Ray.


  1. 2mm really has it pros, but one can always argue if they are minis at all. :) Difficult to see anything here, but bases next to next look good. Well done, Ray.

  2. The massed ranks look you can get with 2mm really does work well. Great stuff, Ray! :)

    1. That's the effect I was going for. Uts more about the look ofvthe base than the look of the figures.

  3. They look good again, Ray. I like the large flags.

  4. But wait there’s more…nice units Ray

  5. Good looking blocks and basing!
    Best Iain