Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Tuesday Time for Bedlamn!

Hoi there Challengers!

Tuesday is here again and, boy have we got some nice stuff for you to enjoy! A few of the Challenge's prodigal sons have returned with some very nice entries. Yesterday's Blood Bowl theme continues as well.

So what's on the menu?

Kent marches more French into the scene.
Alex takes us to Ancient Sudan for an archery contest.
Russel throws in a nice mix of superb scenery and  fantasy figures.
Ross gives us some fantasy in several different scales.
Martin cooks on with some more Team Yankee forces and African themed miniatures.
Brett brings the Elves onto the gory field of Blood BOOOWWWLLL!
Jezz reinforces his Teutonic order forces in a grand way.
Noel is back with a load of ECW, he has remembered the Alamo and has made a lady dissapear as well as a surprise for Curt.

So you see, another big effort of the Tuesday Crew, enjoy!

Deep Purple's Newest album Infinite umber: Time for Bedlamn


  1. Have a great day Minioning, Sander. I'm looking forward to what the day presents us. :)

    1. And a great turn-out it turned out to be...wait was that a pun? Oh dear I better leave the coffee alone

  2. A fine day of posting, Sir! Well done, brother-Minion!!