Tuesday, 16 January 2018

From AlexK - More 15mm goodies (64points)

Hi all,

Another week, another post. The challenge is working out perfectly, my painting production has increased dramatically. It turns out I quite like a deadline and no one is more surprised than I.

So to this week's offering. I have for you a selection of 32 x 15mm Sudanese archers from Legio Heroica which have been sat on the painting pile way too long. I'm assuming my lack of commitment will be rewarded with awful die rolls when they see battle for the first time.

As always the Legio sculpts were nice and full of character. They mix very well with my Essex figures.

Thanks for looking.

These are some awesome archers Alex. I love the way in which you have painted each one of them an individualized paintjob yet have maintained an uniform look for the unit as a whole. One can imagine wave upon wave of arrows flying from them into the enemy ranks. Well done!


  1. Nice detail and colors on these, Alex!

  2. Great work Alex! I thought they were 28s at first. I'll echo Sander in saying that I really like how you both kept them varied but still part of a unified force.

    Glad the weekly deadlines are working out for you. It can seem like work at times, but it's not called a Challenge for nothing. :)

  3. Wonderful work on the massed Sudanese. Very effective!

  4. Legio Heroica is a range I have always been curious about - they look great. As others have noted, great to see the mix of colour, but still a unified look to the force overall.

  5. Nice group of irregulars!
    Best Iain