Tuesday, 16 January 2018

From Jez Todd - Teutonic 28mm Reinforcements (130 points)

Dear All

My first post to the Tuesday group and delighted to be participating again for the second year. To be honest not done much painting since the last challenge and a steady start but great to post up one complete mini challenge as a first post.

These are reinforcements for 28 mm Teutonic Knights based for use with Impetus rules. My original figures were all cavalry for an army size of around 300 points, based on the famous battle of Lake Peipus against the medieval Russians of Alexander Nevsky. These extras allow more options and also can be fielded for the new Basic Impetus rules armies. Typically here there are 9 to 10 fixed units per army based on a set list. I had to get a few extra units to fit this set list.

All the figures for this army are Gripping Beast. I really like the figures and range.

First up are some Foot Peasants - not going to be a battle winner and did not want to spend too much money so just bought a basic pack and added in a commander sergeant.

There are two new crossbow units.

Next are solid Teutonic Knight sergeants armed with long spear. Again just bought a basic pack of four as had a couple base camp figures already that I planned to add in.  It is a solid unit of Heavy Foot so did not want to be too skimpy with figures. You an see the 4 counting for the challenge. The T on the shield design signifies order "sergeants" as opposed to full Knights who could display a full cross - well that is according to the Osprey books ..........

Also a unit of medium Livonian cavalry. Here had a pack of four figures and as I have the same figures for light cavalry decided to use all four on a base of medium cavalry. The final shot shows a Basic Impetus Teutonic Knights army with the new units joining others. Looking forward to trying this out shortly.

Altogether that is 5 cav and 16 foot so should be 130 points. That should complete my Teutonic Knights as am Ok for Basic Impetus and up to a 450 points full Impetus army, especially if I start using available options such as charismatic generals and such.

All the best Jez

Hoi there Jez, great to see your first Tuesday entry! Those Teutonic knights do look like they mean business. I really like how you've put quite a lot of character in the different bases/ vignettes. Specially the one featuring the serfs is really nice. The snowy basing looks awesome and is of course totally appropriate for the Lake Peipus battle. It is a great looking force so thanks heaps for sharing! 130 points will be added to your total this evening along with the regular update of the summary.


  1. Great work! Like what you did with the snow bases.

  2. What a chilly looking bunch - well done! Welcome to the Challenge, Jezz!

  3. Welcome back,Jez!
    My favorites are the Knights themselves, I'd love to see the red and black units closer up. I like the snowy bases too, it definitely looks chilly! ;)

  4. Nice work Jez, I like the snowy bases. Welcome to the challenge.

  5. Cool stuff (literally - the snow bases make me shiver a bit) - well done Jez.

  6. Very nice work, they'll look properly imposing on the battlefield!

  7. Nice work on the figures and bases
    Best Iain