Tuesday, 16 January 2018

From NoelW - ECW, fantasy and the Alamo (320 points)

Luckily for me, I’ve been ill this week. So I’ve not had enough energy for much, other than sitting in front of the painting desk. Consequently, I’ve managed to finish a mass of figures that I thought would take me much longer. I’ve also made a first foray into the backlog of terrain. Apologies, though, for the quality of photos here. I've not figured out a decent setup yet and some are horribly dark.

First then is the Perry/ Renedra shack. This model is simple to build, and easy to paint – you can get a very effective job with relatively little effort (which I’m all in favour of!) Should be useful in multiple periods and theatres. I'm not sure what its points score should be, though. It’s roughly 4 inches * 4 inches * 5 inches, so perhaps worth 10 points? 

Next are seven more EMP figures I've painted for the display cabinet at Wargames Emporium. These are Texians from the Alamo, including Bowie and Crockett (sounds like a duo of TV detectives). They’re larger and chunkier than your average 28mm figure, and full of character. I enjoyed painting these, especially as they made a change from what I'm mainly doing.

Which is English Civil War. I’m pleased to making such good progress with these. As a result of this week’s work, I’m a good distance along the way to having an army completed well ahead of schedule. As I posted before, I’m trying to hold back on quality in order to push on with as many figs as possible, so there are quite a few weaknesses in this collection, but I think they pass muster in the mass, which is the aim. Firstly there’s the six missing musketeers from the green regiment, previously posted.

Then a Blue regiment of 18 figures.

Then a Grey regiment, also 18 figures.

Then four more cavalry 

and a couple of spare command figures.

You’ll notice that there’s currently no ensign in the grey regiment. I’m basing all the figures on individual bases, and using sabots. This way figures can readily be reconfigured for different purposes, such as changing the proportion of pike to musket, or creating deeper formations (e.g. if I stray into the Thirty Years War). It also means regiments can be used either as Parliamentarian or Royalist, merely by switching command figures. So my plan is eventually to paint up a selection of ensigns who can be used in different units as needed. Obviously, there may be some regiments limited in this way – I plan the King’s Lifeguard to be distinctive in some way, for example. But the aim is to get the maximum flexibility from the minimum array of figures.

All the ECW are a mix of Warlord and Perry figures.

Next, in order to give myself a bit of variety, here’s an invisible woman. Perhaps an adventurer under a spell. Or possibly a spirit or demon of some kind. Either way, she goes into the Frostgrave/Archipelago box. I was really pleased with the red shading, but this was muted a bit by the varnish, and even more so in photographing. I've no idea who makes this figure - possibly Reaper.

And last in this week’s offering, especially for Curt, is a boardgame figure: Shyla Varad, from Imperial Assault. My eldest son is running these campaigns for a group of us within the family. He paints up the dastardly Imperials (and does a brilliant job of it) whilst I paint the occasional heroic Rebel character (huzzah!) I was pleased with the core figure, especially the silver-blue metal, which perhaps doesn’t show up as well as it might in the photos. But I couldn’t get the cloak right – it looks too plastic-y to me. (There’s a reason for that, of course).

If I’ve got my maths right, that’s more than enough to now take me well over my target of 500 points, so everything from this point is a bonus! I make it:

4 * 28mm cavalry @ 10pts, 53 * 28mm inf  @ 5 points and 1 shack @ 10(?) pts = 315 points

After all that lot, I need a lie down...

Oh wow, Noel that is worth a lie down or two ;-) I do hope, however, that you are well on the mend by now. This entry of yours does contain quite an eclectic spread of subjects. If I really had to choose a favourite I would say either the ECW cavalry or the invisible woman. All your ECW troops are ace, but these troopers really look the part, great work. The invisible woman is a rare figure indeed, it makes you wonder what use it is to be invisible if you're going to wear highly visible red clothing anyway, but that said, the figure has turned out wonderfully well. 
Your Texians (Texans?) are very nice too by the way as is the Imperial Assault figure which must tickle Curt's fancy no end for sure. 

I just did a card mock up of the shed with the dimensions you've mentioned and I think it rather comes to 2/3 of the 6x6x6" box and thus I will award you 15 points. That makes your total 320 points.  


  1. wow - what a varied and fantastic submission nicely done

  2. Great work and lots of it Noel :)

  3. That's a huge and varried post Nol. Great work all around. My favourite is that red cloak.

  4. I did a Blue and a Grey Regiment last year hope yours serve you well. Great bunch of figures!

  5. Nice eclectic bomb, Noel! From the singles to terrain and mostly full units, I like the ECW minis the best. I'm a fan of the color designations for the unit. It is far easier to swap command staff than the whole unit! ;)

  6. Fantastic work, Noel. That's a huge post, with great variety and quality. I really like the ECW figures - and I've been tempted many times to base pike and shot individually to get the maximum formation flexibility. They will look terrific on the tabletop!

  7. Wow, terrific stuff Noel - you've punched through your target with room to spare. Bravo!! Based on this admirable post I definitely need to call in sick next week. :) The ECW figures are my favourite, though I do like your take on Shyla Varad as well. Well done, sir!

  8. Hope your feeling better. I do love a random selection and these are great

  9. Cool and diverse assortment of painting - all while ill! Great work!

  10. Cracking mix of stuff, excellent work!

  11. Nice mixed and varied post, I do like your texans and ECW.
    Best Iain

  12. Great variety! The shed is useful. I like the tones on your Shyla.