Tuesday, 16 January 2018

From RussG - If you go down to the woods today (15points)

It has been a busy time in the attic this weekend, so a few items have been painted.

This first entry for the week was going to be kept back for the 'monstrous bonus round' but I finished it earlier than planned, so here it is.

This model is the Witchwood from the Grymkin range by Privateer Press, for the game Hordes.
It is used in the game to lure enemy models to their doom.

I have wanted to paint this model ever since I bought it but the push to do so was not coming.
Thankfully the challenge has brought it back, and i am back in love with painting.

For judges decision of points the tree is 65mm tall, and the alluring witch is a standard 28mm miniature.

Thank you for looking.

Another lovely entry for today Russel. The bark on the tree as well as the base are very well executed. The lady showing off here ...erm..roots..limbs that's the word, is truly lovely too. I like how you've painted her in subdued, yet  clearly visible colours. All in all this must be a great addition to your games of Hordes. I am going to score the tree as a 54mm foot figure which will net you 10 points, resulting in 15 points being added to your total tonight.


  1. Nice evil-looking tree Russ :)

  2. What a great looking vignette Russ. The apples really top it off! :)

  3. That is a sweet model, I never knew existed!
    I like the treatment of the model where the tree seems cooler in tones which really pops the witch up ( like she needed help popping!)
    The red apples and yellow eyes are nice eye catchers too!

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments.
    In regard to the model itself, I got it in the Grymkin box set, so expect to see more from this range.
    They have a strange nightmarish appearance which I found amusing, Ironically I don’t even play Hordes, but they will make a good Dragon Rampant army.

  5. Lovely work. She could easily lure me to my doom. There's a real Snow White look to those apples.

  6. That's what you call 'dangerous terrain'...

    Very nice work on a very characterful figure!

  7. I do like this model. a lot more "fun" (in a spooky way) than the big miniature companies usually produce.

  8. Really creepy, really nice model!
    Best Iain