Tuesday, 16 January 2018

From MartinC - No Interesting Title - Just some Painting What I did (130pts)

Painting is plodding along at a nice pace, work keeps getting in the way but I need itto fund my hobby.
We played Team Yankee this weekend in 6mm and it's a great game. I needed to complete my forces and so the following was painted

2 Armoured Infantry Platoons

Most of a Chieftan Squadron

APCs and couple of scorpions (could be scimitars, always mix them up)

4 combat engineering vehicles

I recieved, and have ordered more, some Numidian figs. Want to build an army or at least a significant allied force for the Romans or Carthaginians. I picked up some Nubian figures that will work as commanders

Really love the boss with the cheetah

I was part of the Death in the Dark Continent starter and picked up some really nice figures, the elephant was seen last week.

Cape buffalo and a couple of lions

African civilian - more of these later

Onwards and upwards

Points Tally

6mm infantry = 48 figs = 24pts
6mm vehicles = 33 = 66pts
28mm figs = 4 = 20 pts
28mm animals = 4 = 20pts

total = 130pts

You know Martin, I would really like to see your excellent armour on manoeuvres someday soon. You have painted so many brilliant little tankies lately that I do think you must have an entire division by now and they must look absolutely awesome together. The African themed figures are inspiring too, but I must say I like the lions and buffalo best they really capture that African veld atmosphere very well.
130 of well earned Challenge credits will be added to your total later today!


  1. Nice work Martin :)

    ps - the gun suggest Scorpion rather than Scimitar (looks more like a 90mm than a 30mm cannon)

    1. Ta, yip to the gun. I will have forgotten in 10 minutes though

  2. Very nice bit of 6mm.

    How did you convert Team Yankee to 6mm? I was involved in some of the playtests when first developed, so I am curious.

    1. Ta, we just used the rules as is for 15mm - it was our 1st go. Worked very well and didn't look like a vehicle park, apart from the vehicle park I built. Rules are really free flowing and the scale gives flanking space. We may go to using cm for inches but otherwise that's it

  3. Sander the batrep can be found at http://28mmheroes.blogspot.co.uk/2018/01/team-yankee-how-cheating-can-beat.html I also got the points wrong, it's 140

  4. That dude with the cheetah is brilliant. Well done Martin.

  5. Love the armor, Martin, but I really like your African figures. Anyone with a predator on a leash must be a boss and he has that fancy shirt just to cement the authority!
    I like the Buffalo and lions too, nice work!

    1. Cheers, I like him too. General for my Numidian Army

  6. Good bunch of stuff Martin. Your micro armours looking great and love the African figures, especially the Cheetah.

  7. Great Cold War stuff Martin, well done.

  8. Very nice, I do like that cold war armour.

  9. Nice Africans and impressive armour!
    Best Iain

  10. Very good, like the animals