Tuesday, 16 January 2018

From RussG - Painting desk flotsam and jetsam. (35 points)

This weekend has seen one big miniature completion already, but I did squeeze in some poor figures that have been floating around the desk for ever.

Here we have 2 ladders and 2 battering rams I have had since Warhammer 3rd edition.
The Viking is for scale purpose.

They were fixed to the bases this way so they could be placed inside a unit so as to appear as if they were being carried. The ladders also conveniently will appear as if leaning against a wall.
They came with a covered battering ram in the box set, this may appear later in the challenge.

Next up we have a dark age warrior from West Wind, 3 villagers from Midlam, and another plastic gripping beast Viking (I will finish all of them one day, I promise).

The west wind model is very nice but they are always on the big side for 28mm.

The villagers from Midlam are nice enough. I did notice that both the gents have what appears to be a beard on one half of their face only, I thought it was meant to be a pony tail on the figure with the hat, but pitchfork man has it too. As they are from a fantasy range it may be from a specific background story or something, if you know what, please enlighten me.

Thank you for looking.

 A very nice bunch of figures Russel! The siege equipment looks very well painted, but I really would like to see a picture with some figures to show us how they look in working order. I agree the West Wind figure looks far better than the Midlam figures, but the paintjob is great on all of them. 
The figures will be worth 25 points and I am going to set the siege equipment at 10 points. The total will thus be 35 points for this particular entry but you will be back later today for more!


  1. Very nice indeed, good idea on the floating siege equipment!

  2. Nice brushwork, Russell! The battering rams are definitely inspired and now useful for many forces. I'll echo in wanting to see them with company charging a gate!
    The figures are very nice too, I'd imagine the peasants are a couple of lads trying to start a new fashion, I'm thankful it's not pants at half mast! ;)

  3. Nice work Russ :)

    As for the half-beards, maybe they're a breakaway faction from the neckbeards? ;)

  4. A varried collection to be sure. I like your siege equipment, the basing on the battering rams is a great idea. Perhaps one of the other villagers has pranked two of his friends by shaving off half of their beards as they slept?
    Cheers, Peter

  5. Siege equipment! Love seeing stuff like this great woek

  6. Thanks all, i shall try and put together a picture for the challenge end of the battering ram in action.
    I will need to paint a gate now!

  7. Great work, Russel ! I particularly like the villagers! I'm a huge fan of the Midlam Miniatures range, but agree with you that it's not always clear which way their hair should be growing! I'm not aware that there's a reason for the odd beards! They do look splendid though, and shall be sure to grace any village on the highways of your campaigns!

  8. A great entry Russ! I really like the siege equipment - very cool. Maybe the half-beards are to help with archery, sort of riffing on the Amazons with their removal of the right breast (but with much less owie).

  9. Quite an assortment - great work. Always good to see these projects which have been lingering for so long completed during the Challenge.

  10. Nice to see projects getting cleared up, super useful siege kit and nice dark age types!
    Best Iain

  11. Very nice! We’ve all got some flotsam and jetsam to paint...