Saturday, 22 December 2018

From TamsinP - 28mm WW2 Soviet Women (40 points)

I bought these a couple of years ago from Annie at one of the shows (Colours I think), but they have languished in the lead pile since then. I thought that now was as good a time as any to get them painted, to give me some more early points before I head out of London for Christmas. Besides, I was able to paint these alongside my entry for the first bonus theme round - two entries from one painting project = win-win!

Maxim team:

Mortar team:

These are 28mm figures from Bad Squiddo Games. I have previously painted some of the infantry, and these figures showed some of the same problems with the faces. I don't know if it's a problem with the sculpting or with the casting. At least these didn't have the distortion issue that I'd seen with some of the infantry.

For scoring I'd suggest counting the Maxim and mortar as 28mm foot rather than crew served weapons as they aren't big. That should give me 40 points.


Lovely, clean work on these female Soviet support teams, Tamsin. I can't see the issues with the faces, but that may be that your deft brushwork took care of them. I also like the subtle shading on their uniforms - very nice.

40 points it is. Have a great break from The Smoke and we'll see you back in a few days - Happy Christmas Tamsin!


  1. Mice start Tamsin, love the Bad Squiddo figs, that reminds me I have some of the snipers somewhere, I will see how I get on with the faces.

  2. Great looking Maxim's and mortars! They all look great to me!
    Best Iain

  3. You can never have enough support weapons in a Soviet army.
    Nice work Tamsin.

  4. @ Curt - to be fair, I think there was only one of these with a slightly distorted face, but there were several with identical vacant expressions. I'm glad you noticed that I went with a "clean" look for these. Admittedly, that was partly down to not having time to do a final wash and get them varnished and based before heading down to Sussex! :)

    @ Ken - thanks! From what I remember, the faces on the sniper teams were OK.

    @ Iain - cheers! :)

    @ Stuart - thanks! :)

    @ Benito - cheers! :)

  5. Nice paint on the support weapons , Tamsin! I kinda want to get some and mix with other brands to add some of the fairer sex to the Soviet infantry. Do they mix well with warlord?