Sunday, 30 December 2018

From TamsinP: 28mm Fenrisians (145 points)

I've got my eye on you...
For my third entry, I present to you a complete (for now) Dragon Rampant army - The Children of Fenrir:

Whilst others at the Central London club have decided to go with the boring old options of Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, Orcs and Skellies, I inevitably decided to go with an army that is probably quite daft but will be fun to play - wolves. And who better to have as their leader than that famous child of Loki, Fenrisulfr:

He definitely looks grumpy

...probably because he's got a bit of itchy grass on his muzzle

Fenrisulfr will be fielded as a greater warbeast-wizardling (well, as the son of a god he should have some magical powers).

Just in case Fenrisulfr himself is tied up*, I have another leader group "The Skalds of Fenrir":

We wish you a bloody Ragnarok,

We wish you a bloody Ragnarok,

We wish you a bloody Ragnarok,

And an end of days...

These will be fielded as a lesser warbeast unit, which will free up some points to add another unit or add abilities.

And of course, the Children themselves:

The Children will be fielded as lesser warbeasts.

Looking at the Skalds and the Children, I think I will go back and add dark pupils to their eyes, Some of them look as though they will need a slight touch up around the eyes as well.

Of course, most people would have opted for the quick and easy approach to painting wolves - mid-tone grey base coat, add some darker and lighter patches, black wash, light grey dry-brush, paint eyes, noses and mouths. Me? Oh, no, not me - several different base coat colours, several stages of dry-brushing, washing, adding darker/lighter patches, washing, dry-brushing, washing, add details...the end result? Probably not much different to if I'd gone for the quick and easy method! I also went a bit nuts on the basing, although the results do at least show there.

All the figures are 28mm. Fenrisulfr is from Bad Squiddo Games; the rest are from Foundry (2), North Star (10) and Warbases (16). Fenrisulfr and the Skalds are mounted on 50mm bases, the Children on 50x75mm bases.

As for the Dragon Rampant army:

Fenrisulfr - leader/greater warbeast (6 points) plus wizardling (2 points) = 8 points
Skalds of Fenrir - leader/lesser warbeasts (4 points)
Children of Fenrir - 4 units of lesser warbeasts (4 x 4 points) = 16 points

I do feel a bit bad about completing this army so quickly, given that I'm in the side-duel. With my rate of painting, that wasn't really fair, so I'll let whoever completes their army next claim the bragging rights.

I might pick up a pack of Blue Moon's European Timber Wolves at some point - I imagine that they will be bigger than the North star and Warbases ones, so should do nicely for a couple of greater warbeast units.

* Bet you thought I'd forgotten about this bit, didn't you? " case Fenrisulfr himself is tied up..." is, of course, a reference to Norse mythology and how Tyr (or Tew, for whom the day preceding that of the big man himself, Odin, is named) became one-handed.

For scoring:

29 x 28mm foot figures @ 5 points = 145 points


THAT is a very, very cool 'army', Tamsin (though I'm a bit biased as I've always liked wolves).

Fenrisulfr is excellent (great eyes) and suitably ferocious, but I have to say that the Scalds are my favourite of the bunch, with their heads back, howling the praise of their leige lord - awesome stuff. 

I also really like the thought that went into your basework. The base layer, grass and rocks looks very natural and I like the dice slots in the rear corners. A very handy mod to help gameplay I'm sure.

A very tidy 145 points for your efforts, Tamsin. Wonderful work!


  1. How cool is an army of wolves! And bound to pursue their enemies doggedly. Would it be a compliment to say that Fenrisulfr looks a nasty piece of work?

  2. These are absolutely stunning, and a really creative use of the dragon rampant rules to create a really unique force.

  3. Great idea for an army, and I love the painting and bases. Is it bad that I think the children look pretty cute?

  4. Love it, absolutely barking mad. The basing is really cool as well

  5. Very cool! That‘s really a quite special army.

  6. That's an awesome-looking "Dragon Rampant" force, Tamsin. Love the rationale behind your mini choices etc, and terrific paint-jobs too.

  7. Nice to see something a bit different. Love em! I'm interested to see how you go with them.

  8. Great work Tamsin, an army composed solely of wolves is certainly a different choice. Fenrisulfr is a grim looking centerpiece and the Skalds are a nice touch. Well done!

  9. What a great looking pack! Smart idea for a dragon rampant army too!
    Best Iain

  10. @ Curt - thanks! The Skalds were originally an afterthought as I had four spare wolves, but they are probably my favourites :)

    @ Fran - cheers, m'dear! :)

    @ Noel - thanks! It would be fair to say that about Fenrisulfr :)

    @ Dave S - cheers! They should be a fun army to play with - I just have to hope that my opponents don't come armed with a supply of rubber balls ;)

    @ Dux - thanks! It's not bad at all to think that! :)

    @ Martin - cheers! :)

    @ Nick - thanks! :)

    @ Blax - cheers, Simon! :)

    @ Millsy - thanks! I imagine that they will be cursed with being fielded by me, but fun to play anyway :)

    @ Peter - Arf! :)

    @ Stuart - cheers! He's definitely a mean old critter :)

    @ Iain - thanks! :)

    @ Christopher - cheers! :)

  11. I like these! 🐶❤️🐶

    1. Wolves rule! :D

      ps, I'm not going to pull a "Ray" (it was him with the bear, wasn't it?) and try to claim that some of them are female and that this should be included in "Sarah's Choice" ;)

  12. That's a simple but wonderfully thematic and evocative army, well done!

  13. What a great and unusual entry! I do like odd armies like this and the fur is excellent.

  14. The stuff of legends this Tamsin ;-) And very nice to have you join in the fun!

  15. Great army though I believe we said no reduced count units.

  16. Awesome! What a great entry. Love this warband of doom. Good enough to eat the world after breaking the chain. Excellent!! Cheers