Monday, 24 January 2022

From MikeW 28mm Norman Foot (235 Points)

As I start writing-up this post (Sunday evening), I'm not sure if I'll make the cut-off for Monday 24th January, I've just varnished 47 of these little chaps and still have to apply the shield art and then base and photograph the outcome!

All 47 of the little Norman blighters! Finally finished in eth nick of time.

I think I bit-off a little too much to chew this week, what with the mounted Normans plus the Zombies all jostling for priority to get completed. 

First batch of five Norman Foot

More Normans...

So here are 47 Victrix Norman Foot, for a description on how these were painted I'll refer you back to my previous post on the Norman Cavalry! Exactly the same process here but no horse flesh. I'm reasonably pleased on how these turned out, they will greatly bolster my Norman forces for the Battles of 1066.

A group of largely unarmoured Normans, the guy on the right has leather armour

A group of chain mail clad Normans

There are 19 chain mail armoured guys here, 12 in Leather armour and 16 unarmoured guys, the majority are armed with a spear although the rest have swords, axes or maces as their primary weapons, each carries a kite shield.

Yet another batch of Norman Foot!

... and more. I really like the Victrix figures, more detail than the Conquest Games version of the same,
that said they are probably a little less robust on the gaming table!

So as it happens - I literally completed these little guys 20 mins before a self imposed deadline of mid-day on Monday. Hopefully they'll meet the posting schedule! Note to self - after all by blabbering about preparation in my last post - pick a sensible number of figures to paint in one batch. 47 is probably too big!!

Four more Norman Foot
Another five...

Another five!

The last three Normans

And lastly a quick video of all the figures on the workbench.


47 x 28mm Foot = 235 POINTS

Forty seven figures Mike?  Did you use a random number generator to come up with that, or is there a 48th stuck in limbo so that you can make two 24 man units?

Anyway, ramblings on prime numbers aside, these are great.  I am glad that you got these done in time to get them posts.  We look forward to seeing the hordes that roll of the assembly line for next week.


  1. More Normans? Great going, Mike! :)

  2. Looking good Mike. At some point we'll need a group shot!

  3. Very nice. It seems you have turned into a painting machine this year.

  4. You're cranking those minis out at an enviable rate. Great work on this huge batch of Normans Mike.

  5. Kudos on finishing these. They’ll look great on the table.

    It’s interesting to see how the sculptor rendered some of the mail face coverings.

  6. I could never finish 47 minis in one week, let alone to that standard- well done!

  7. That is a lot of Normans! Your output is outstanding and so well done!

  8. That's a lot! And the other stuff you finished, what a factory you have. :)


  9. Peter - Haha, I could ramble on about 47 being a cosmic number but.... The Victrix pack of Normans I had, originally contained 60 figures. I built and painted 13 of these over the last year and so in the true spirit of the challenge I decided I had to clear my backlog! I have a bag of Anglo Dane Huscarls that need building - so maybe I'll get to these later in the challenge!

  10. They have come out very nicely Mike, but I agree 47 is rather a lot for a week.

  11. Great big load of Normans, nice finish!
    Best Iain

  12. Those look great. I'm also doing Normans for the Challenge but I went with Perrys, because they already have matching knights. But I see Vitrix is coming out with mounted figures too soon so I'm probably going to ultimately wind up getting both. Great work!

  13. Hi Mike:
    More cracking Normans. I’m just finishing a bag of 60 Victrix figures myself so I can well appreciate how hard you’ve worked and to what good effect.
    Cheers, MikeP