Tuesday, 25 January 2022

Tamsin's Tasty Tuesday


"Good morning Ladies, Gentlemen...and Ray! We* do hope that you have all enjoyed your first month using Snowlord's Peak Resort Station as a base for your exploration of Challenge XII Quadrant."

"I'll start with some announcements:

1. Following a last minute rush, all but four of our expected 101 guests have arrived. Welcome to the new arrivals!

2. We hope you enjoyed the pyrotechnics display put on by our most excellent Station Gunnery Department at midnight on Friday to celebrate your first month of explorations. The "supernova" effect at the end was most spectacular!

3. All vessels leaving and approaching the Station are advised to avoid Vector 20220121-Alpha-Positive due to debris from a ship which unexpectedly disintegrated on arrival at this system around midnight last Friday.

Please note that there is no connection whatsoever between these announcements, despite scurrilous rumours being put about."

"In the past week our guests have clocked up 7,613 parsecs of journeys bringing the total so far to 30,270 parsecs  traveled. The 3-month pledges have increased to 83,714 parsecs - at the rate we are going that should very easily be achieved."

"We have a fun-filled bag of exploratory reports for your entertainment today:

  • TashaH is doubling down with fearsome drakes and big creepy-crawlies.
  • Lady Sarah is mapping the Quadrant in her Star Yacht whilst seeking the taste of paradise**.
  • DavidB has been at the Allsorts again.
  • MartinC brings you low budget SciFi action with strange doctors and giant robots. He's also Noggin the Nog, which I understand is actually legal in 5 US states.
  • SanderS is donning red trousers to emulate Sir Sidney of Roundwood for a foray to Laarden.
  • ChrisW should be getting all dystopian
  • SteveM is hoping to discuss arms and armour of the Kingdom of Jordan

Phew! That looks like quite a busy list and I'm sure there will be more reports coming in before the end of the day!"



* "We" as in the whole of the Stewards Department, not the "Royal We"!

** reference to '70s and '80s adverts for a chocolate covered coconut confection:


  1. I see couple of asterisks (*) in the text, but no footnote to explain them. Surely not related to the Friday Nova?

    1. I realised after posting that I'd forgotten them - they've been added now!

  2. Haha! Love that old tv advert!

    Can’t wait to sit down with my morning coffee and peruse the Tasty Tuesday Treats

  3. Replies
    1. It's been good so far, but now it's the wait to see if ChrisW and SteveM get their posts finished in time. :)

  4. Yet another awesome post to get us going!

  5. Huzzah Tamsin’s Tasty Tuesday Tigers!