Tuesday, 19 March 2019

From JohnM: Epic-The Force is Ready!-33 points

Two years ago as a part of the AHPC VII, I presented the start of a Blood Angels Horus Heresy Epic Army with the hope that some day a Pan-Canadian Epic Challenge could take place. We have made a couple of attempts but as one knows Canada is a big country and to get three gamers (Curt, Greg and Byron) from Western Canada to meet up with 2 gamers (Iannick and myself) from Eastern Canada presents a challenge. An attempt was made last summer but quickly floundered due to scheduling difficulties.

Well at least I can say now that I am ready as my 4000+ point Epic army is completed. My painting of small figures has evolved and I have to say that painting the final 40 tiny Space Marines was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. As usual once photographed I can see some errors but overall I believe they will look good on the table.
Jet Bikes
Assault Squad
with a Chaplain

Using a neat calculator here is the make up of my Blood Angels force. I have designed the army to have 3 wings with infantry assault force, an armoured force and an airborne force. I have no idea how the rules work but I am hopeful that the force is balanced.
As you can see, I have one too many supports for my Terminator Squadron. Just could not decide between the Thunderhawk Gunship and the Storm Eagle. I think I also have one too many Lords of War units but maybe not as I believe the cut off is 33% of the total core force with supports.

Here we have the whole force, it is funny how little space they take. The beauty of 6mm, I suppose. 
So if I have the scoring right it is 20 for the Troopers, 5 for the Jet Bikes and 8 for the Tank (if I remember corrrectly Epic Tanks are scored as 15mm vehicles). This should just push me over my 500 point goal, a very close run thing this year.

Anyway this is my final submission for this year's challenge, another terrific job by Curt and the Minions and again lots of patience from Sarah. Thank you all.

Guest minion JamieM -
I think any of us who have tried to arrange gaming weekends can relate to what you say about "scheduling difficulties" - it's like herding cats!

Anyway, this is an absolutely smashing set of figures, I do like Epic scale stuff and this is fantastic, I particularly like the assault squad with the little chap with the shield.  I also heartily approve of your "I have no idea what it does, but it looks cool and feels right" approach to army building, excellent work indeed!  Spot on with the scoring and well done on passing your total!


  1. Great teeny tiny space marines and a lovely tank
    Best Iain

  2. Great work John. I remember when I was in Uni it was much easier to organize games, but then life happens!

  3. Oh YEAH!!! Great work John, and congratulations on diving in and getting a force ready. Hopefully I can have a chat with Horus, and perhaps his "Specialized Spiritual Travel Consultants" can do their work and connect our travels for a game - the Sons of Horus can't wait to tackle this beautiful lot on the table!

  4. Very cool! They've got real tabletop presence.