Tuesday, 19 March 2019

From RayR - 15mm Tents (20 points)

I needed some tents for a Beneath the Lily Banners scenario I'm trying to get ready for.
I picked these up on ebay for a few quid.
I don't know their make? I wish I did so I could buy a few more!!
I undercoated them grey, dry-brushed a lighter grey, then dry-brushed white.

Each Warbases base measures 5cm x 8cm and to be honest there was more work
on the bases than on the tents!

Not sure how many points I'll get for these?

Dunno, how about 5 points per base for this- ahem- intense entry? Were they resin, plaster, plastic, metal?



  1. There goes Ray, camping it up! ;)

    Nice tents mate :)

  2. They were resin, Barks, suppose I shoulda put that into the post! ;o)

  3. Very nice Ray. Are you in Fran in a race, is it all over?

  4. Useful looking tents!
    Best Iain

  5. Nice looking camp scene, tons of uses for these. Diid I hear that you're actually planning to play a game with your figures!


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