Monday, 18 March 2019

From Mike W: 15mm GNW Swedes, 28mm Dalek, Bretons and Late Romans (115 Points)

By way of a change of scale, if not period, I have dug out some figures I have for an old project that was started in conjunction with a fellow club member, only for it to wither away after I had painted five or so units...

Raw GNW Swedes
15mm Great Northern War Swedes is the army in question, I stopped painting when it became apparent the other club member was not going to be painting any Russian!

Anyway here is the sixth infantry battalion, painted to represent the first battalion of Södermanland Regiment. I am basing the units to use with the popular 'Under the Lilly Banner' rules by Barry Hilton, so they are on three 4 x 3 cm bases, with 8 figures per base.

The First Battalion of each regiment is where the Grenadiers were deployed, so each wing of the unit has a couple of grenadier models to represent this, and for no real good reason I have chosen to depict the bases with patches of snow on them to give a hint of Scandinavian winter conditions.

Two musketeer wings and a central command base with pikemen attached - the Swedes kept their pike men well after many other nations dropped them. Again this was a compromise as I believe the pikemen were distributed through out the line in Swedish units but I wanted to give the overall impression of a musketeer unit with integral pike and this seemed a logical compromise.

Finished Battalion
Flags were downloaded form the internet (A superb GNW resource TACTICUS.NU who have a page of flags for wargamers to use free of charge!), printed and stuck on using pva glue.

It has been rightly pointed out that most campaigning happened in the spring and summer months and thus no snow. However, I have never done an army with snow on the bases before and I wanted to experiment!
Another view from the unit's left flank
Figures in this case were undercoated white, yellow facings painted on then the blue coats - followed by appropriate details until the models completed. Figures were given a cat of Army Painter Dark Tone dip and when dry glued to base for terrain to be added. Matt Varnish spray then applied when eth weather gave me a break! (Its raining a lot in the UK - surprise - and that does not mix well with matt varnish spray).

Calculations: 24 x 15mm Infantry Figures @ 2 Points ea. = 48 Points

Unpainted Dalek
Next another test piece for a possible 'Dr Who' game scenario at the club, sometime in the future (or maybe the past! Who knows with Timelord games!).

We're looking for a source for relatively cheap Daleks, to use with 28mm UNIT forces, for skirmish games. This plastic Dalek is free from a magazine cover, easily obtainable on eBay and is apparently from about 2010, representing 'New Paradigm' era Daleks.

And the painted version
I must admit not being a huge Dr Who fan, I liked Christopher Ecklestone and David Tennant in the role, when the series was rebooted and took a passing interest but have not had the inclination to get back into it in a big way.

Anyway this red Dalek was glued to a UK 2p coin, painted red and then detail added, black and silver, I gave it a sepia wash and then later gave it a coat of Army Painter Dark Dip.

Base - what can be seen, is meant to represent concrete flooring.

Calculations: 1 x 28mm Figure @ 5 Points ea. = 5 Points

Raw Bretons, ready to undercoat.
Next a return to 28mm Bretons, to support the Normans at the Battle of Hastings! this batch is a group of 10 figures, one a casualty marker. Figures are conversions of the Gripping Beast Dark age Warriors set, with kite shields and Norman type heads added, to represent largely unarmoured spear men.

Finished Bretons

I had to stop on the last batch due to running out of shields and heads, I've been able to find extra of each to do this last batch or this particular plastic pile!

Casualty Marker and four Bretons
Another Five Bretons

Figures painted as per previous post, white undercoat, muted colours etc and using paper shield designs.

Calculations: 9 x 28mm Figure @ 5 Points ea. = 45 Points
                        1 x prone 28mm figure @ 3 Points ea = 3 Points
                        Total = 48 Points

Unpainted Late Romans
Painted versions
Next two Gripping Beast Late Romans, an officer and a Standard

Thee are to go with a unit I already have painted, painted in the usual manner with the figures based upon UK 2p pieces.

Calculations: 2 x 28mm Figure @ 5 Points ea. = 10 Points

It's Monday Mike with his weekly variety entry! These are always ready well in advance. Nice work on the snow basing- It is a slippery slope since soon you need snowy scenery and figures for winter and summer campaigning... I do like your Dalek, they're wonderful baddies. I've counted the prone figure as the full 5 points, and thrown in some bonuses for the snow basing to make it a Tamsin-acceptable divisible by 5.



  1. I do like the variety bags you keep dropping on us Mike, and this entry is no exception. Great work :)

  2. Lovely mix of figures,well I like the snow, but Barks is right Im working on winter trees and then I need winter buildings and hills.....!
    Best Iain

  3. Love this grab bag. Those GNW troposphere are aces.

  4. great entry mate, but the Swedes are the cherry for me, lovely painting!