Monday, 18 March 2019

From DaveD: Millsy’s Lament (20 points)

“Private Millsy, why are we here?" said drummer boy Hughes 672 - aka Ev - "Did you lose a wager?" - thinking maybe that was again... “Sorry lad, yes... I thought I could better Sergeant Docherty - I should have known better”.  “Anyway we joined the army to see interesting places and Sergeant Docherty says  hammering  bits  of stick into the ground will be good for us and we just keep doing it every 100 yards until we get over that thats why we are here all right”  ... as Drummer boy Ev crested the hill..he stopped ... “Millsy! Run!!!!”

Millsy's weapon of choice - is of course a lump hammer

Ev's is a pointy stick...

the serried ranks of camels - and they seem to have the right hump with these two ..see told i would get more camels in 

For those of you not up with the in joke - Millsy & I  have bantered and wagered on and off through various challenges .. this time the honours turned out to be mine...

Sorry Millsy... couldn’t resist - but seriously - thanks for donating the forfeit prize to Wounded Heroes - it’s a great cause.  Maybe next year you could commit to doing something easy like 40mm Napoleonics eh? or perhaps the Lace Wars.. ..!  In recognition of your fine painting skills on your heraldry though I have a made a similar donation to Models for Heroes over here.

3 wounded prone figures - i suggest 10 points the 3 

Anyway, the figures were a pack of Foundry figures I picked up in the Foundry 50% off sale at the Hammerhead show recently.

They are modelled for the AZW range, a bit of work with a file removed the cuff detailing , and the rest is a paint job. So they will do duty as bits of set dressing.

And that’s me done folks - I completed what I had set for this Challenge - so very happy. I think the final group shoot will look good


Haha, terrific stuff Dave. I think Drummer Boy Ev and Private Millsy need to quickly re-evaluate their current tasking or risk being turned into camel toe jam. That Sergeant Docherty has a real cruel streak. Who knows, perhaps next year his day will finally come. 

Dave, these poor unfortunates will give you a nice 20 point pip for your troubles. Great job on reaching your target with time to spare. I know that for a few of us (myself included) it will come right down to the wire.



  1. Great to the corporal in action again!

  2. Begging your pardon, Sarge, but that's 'Hughes 672', if you'd be so kind...

    Lovely little vignette, Dave, so good to see Cpl Mills back at the front!

  3. Camel toe jam, Curt? An image I didn't need.

  4. A great finish to this Year's Challenge Dave and true to form as well in a fitting tribute to poor ole Millsy!

  5. Nice finishing post Dave. I was waiting for you to get a dig in at Millsy, and now you have :)

    Mind you, you have (just about) left him time to get in a return salvo :)


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