Monday, 18 March 2019

From EvanH: Curtgeld - 'The Fungi From Gorgoroth', or 'Mr Akeley's Delicate Condition' (30 points)

Gazzzz: "Hey Bazzzz! Get over here! Check this out!"

Bazzzz: "What is it this time? I'm busy with Mr Akeley."

Gazzzz: "Nah mate, come on, it's really cool...!"

Bazzzz: "This had better not be another telescope incident, Gazzzz. Mr Akeley needs a fluid change."

Gazzzz: "Nah, check it! Whaddya think?"

Bazzzz: ".......?"

Gazzzz: "Cool, yeah? Bazzzz...?"

Bazzzz: "You have got to be kidding me. What is... THIS??"

Gazzzz: "Cosplay, mate! I put on the old human suit, went into town to, you know, check out what the locals are up to. Saw this stuff in a shop. Swapped it for the telescope!"

Bazzzz: "What is it supposed to be?"

Gazzzz: "I'm an orc! You know, from that book? Hey, I'm the Fungus from Gorgoroth! Geddit...?"

Bazzzz: "You're going on report, you numpty. Wasting time on this rubbish when we should be advancing the mission of conquest! I'm going to let management know, just as soon as..."



When I first introduced Gazzzz and Bazzzz during the 'Reconnaissance' theme round, Curt let me know that a Mi-Go would be awesome for his collection. This posed problems in that this year's Curtgeld is more or less meant to be a villain from Tolkien, so I had to think a bit outside the box.

I grabbed a spare helmeted head and an axe from a box of GW Black Orcs, and a Gripping Beast round shield. I made a shield strap from green stuff and fixed the whole assembly to Gazzzz's arm. A quick head swap, and we were set! 

The base is a 40mm MDF round from Warbases, with sand and slate basing mix and Tajima Tufts to finish it off.

That's the Curtgeld part of this submission done - a 28mm figure nets me five points, plus the Curtgeld bonus!

The second part of the submission is a Reaper Bones 'Brain In A Jar', a wonderfully grisly little model.

A very basic metallic paint job for the canister, while the brain is grey, with a pink wash. Copper wiring connects the brain to the lid of the canister.

So that's five points for Mr Akeley, leaving us with a total of 30 points for this submission.

Still aiming for my target of 500 points for Challenge IX - can I make it?

Stay tuned...


Does Reaper's BiaJ come with the clear jar? That's very cool! If Tolkien's head was in a jar, I'm sure he'd be delighted in this mash-up of IP. A solid 30 pointzzzzz to you!



  1. Nice work and a fun post Ev :)

  2. This was a hilarious read - great work.

  3. So awesome (and hilarious). Thanks so much Ev! I love the brain-in-a-jar as well.

  4. Love the alien/Ork,nice double act!
    Best Iain

  5. I’ve been loving this trail this challenge Ev. And you’ve got me wanting one of those brains in a jars.

  6. Thanks for the kind words, folks!