Thursday, 6 February 2020

From PaulSS - Confederate 10 pounder Parrott (30pts)

I'm already feeling a little more productive this week and over a couple of sessions have cranked out a 10 pounder Parrott rifled gun for my ACW Confederates.

All the figures and the gun are from the American Civil War Artillery set from Perry Miniatures. A real bargain, especially if you but some extra frames of guns.

I wanted these as quite regular so three of the four are in smart kepis and all are wearing pretty much regulation uniforms rather than the more irregular look I go for with the majority of the infantry.

#4 has just pulled the lanyard and #2 is observing the fall of the shot. I did think about modelling it with the wheels just off the ground in recoil, but reckoned that it would likely be a bit fragile for gaming.

I hope to have another Confederate gun and crew done by the weekend.

Four 28mm figures and an artillery piece should net me 30 points and just get my nose over the line for my target of 1000 points.

Cracking. I have loads of  28mm ACW - mainly Perry - and it's a great period to paint. I think that keeping it on  the ground was a sensible idea - JamesM of this parish dropped my Union Artillery. They didn't survive the trip and a MASH unit was needed.


  1. Excellent brushwork on breathing even more life into those Perry sculpts.

  2. Great work. I am always so sluggish when it comes to the "artillery" portion of any project - so am extra impressed when others manage to get the job done.

  3. Super looking artillery piece Paul!


  4. Very evocative gun base mate!

  5. very nice, I reckon if you'd modeled the wheels off the floor people might have thought you just mis-glued it!

  6. Great looking gun and crew!
    Best Iain

  7. Excellent looking gun and crew Paul. I like the more regulation uniforms.

  8. Thanks all, apologies for not being caught up on the blog, it's been one of those weeks at the office.