Tuesday, 25 January 2022

From ChrisW ...Dystopian Wars and 28mm VSF (704 points)

So visiting two new planets today, but as we leave our last planet we get a quick look at the personal guards of the Princess of Mars. [Figures by The Tekumel project out of Kingston Ontario Canada.]

The journey this week will take us to Perelandra and via Sarah's Yacht onto Arrakis. 


Here you can see the newly arrived landing barges and the recently repainted ones that I have had for a while. The trick was to try and match the paint jobs. Oddly enough I wrote down what I had used, a rare thing and very strange thing to do since at the time I painted them I had no expectation of ever getting any more. Anyhow, it worked out, more or less, but the decks of the smaller barges did not come out as light, I must have used a different wash! [Spartan Games]



 and all of them together

Keeping with the water planet theme I also whipped up these Dystopian Wars islands, and fortress.

This was the inspiration for the islands. A co-worker had this on their wall and I asked to have it once we moved on to the next month. Note the date! It demonstrates the normal speed that I move at...

  By the time I got to the last island (the island to the right) I think I was getting pretty good at it, but none of them matched the inspiration.


Close up of the fortress [Spartan Games]

A size photo before painting

Yet another island, also could be used as an industrial complex. As well as painting up the 4 vacuformed islands I also painted up 22 drop on building, only 20 required but I wanted some variety.

As far as size goes, they would fit into an 18" x 18" box, with the 4th island resting on top of the 3 curved islands;

17" left to right

Very low rise

About 3-4" tall

Keeping again with water theme, I also finished off Queen Victoria's Women's Naval Brigade troops [Hinterland Miniatures OOP]


Onto Arrakis, using Sarah's yacht courtesy of the Martian guards. Please note the artillery piece was painted before the challenge and is only in the picture because it inspired the colour used on the jezail barrels, and because 3 crew were part of the painting done this week. 

A not so funny thing happened to the infantry on the way to the photo booth, they all came a tumbling down...!! When I finished scooping them up, I could only find 32 somewhat battered figures. Will continue to look, but felt this needed to get posted to the blog first. So apologies for come of the bare metal that can be seen on some of the bases. [Ironclad Minatures]

The points

  • 40 points for the two planets
  • 20 points for Sarah's yacht
  • 70 points Women's Naval Guard [14 Hinterland miniatures] and or
  • 70 points Princess's Royal guards (Tekumel unit)
  • 180 points Sanwar 33  32 foot + 2 mtd [Ironclad miniatures] 
  • 180 points for the 4 islands [17" by 17"]
  • 20 points for the fortress
  • 80 points for the 4 landing barges
  • 40 drop on buildings (about 1" by 1" treating as 6mm vehicles)??

Grand total of 700 points

That's 28 figures that could take me around the map a few times, but one planet hop will do. I am truly looking forward to relaxing in a nice luxury yacht.

I am going to try and not do this madness next week, I hope to visit one planet, and keep the figure type to simple 28mm, easily scored items. Next week nothing weird sized or to strange (I hope)


Yet another huge points bomb from Chris!  You seem to be diddling yourself out of a few points - you painted 22 drop on buildings!



  1. Congrats on a wonderful paint bomb Chris. That's quite something! The DW stuff in particular is quite wonderful.

  2. Great entry, that is a ton of stuff painted. I am really impressed with your islands- they look great.

    1. Thank you! I kind of like the islands too. I was very surprised by how they turned out. I originally tried to achieve something just by painting them, but in the end it had to be flocking, something that I have not always worked out for me.

  3. Wow!
    Another a Tuesday Paint Bomb!!

    Queen Victoria’s Womens Naval Guard is really cool. Must make a quick detour to Wikipedia for more reading …..

    1. Thanks, their uniforms are more German, than British, but I am going with the fiction that Victoria was influenced by Albert and chose to emulate the German style. These figures were inspired by Princess Viktoria-Luise of Germany.

  4. Love it, the figs and terrain is unreal and so thematic

  5. Lots of stuff here! The islands are my favourite. Inspired by is a very loose term, so don't worry that they are not exactly like in the picture.

  6. massive points bomb. Some lovely work. I have the victorian women's naval party and they are lovely figues. Also about to post some of the Martian lizard mounted figures

  7. Thumbs up to the terrain building - great "world" you have created.

    Cheers Jez

  8. I thought I painted fast!!! There'll be no catching you Chris. Great work!

  9. That is an incredible amount of work. Well done!

  10. Great VSF work going on here. Excellent stuff. Really like your islands, a suitable Bond villain liar.

  11. The islands you have built are outstanding l!

  12. Holy smokes, that is an amazing amount of quality toys. Well done Chris. We played a lot of Dystopian Wars v1 and quite enjoyed it (the infamous 'exploding 6s'). I love those islands and the imposing fortress too.

    1. Exploding dice and chain reaction critical hits were my favorite things. We did not take it too seriously and enjoyed it a lot!

  13. Enormous and varied points bomb! Lovely work!
    Best Iain

  14. Oh my god! This is quite a points bomb you've dropped! Great work especially on the terrain stuff!

  15. Nice! Both the Javvas look-a-likes and the Hinterland sailoresses are my absolute favourites

  16. Great points bomb! Your islands are great, and the lady sailors are special.