Tuesday, 20 March 2018

BrendonW - Three Giant Cyclops

3 x 28mm scale Giants from Puppet Wars, Resin.

I was hoping to get more than this completed but my city came under attack from a Category 2 Cyclone. Winds recorded around 130km/h. It was a wild few hours that resulted in a big clean up afterwards. The wind waged war against trees and lots of trees lost the battle.

Anyway here are three Giants for my Kings of War Goblin army. Two required arms glued on and then filling. I am not a fan of miniatures that require gap filling and that has delayed them a long time. However I really liked the character these three Cyclopian dudes have.

Painting large areas of skin tone is challenging after mainly painting 28mm infantry. I went with three slightly different tones. I gloss varnished the eyes and mouth areas. In retrospect I could have made an attempt at painting the eyes looking down but in the position they are in the viewer cops a good look over. These are not as big as that GW plastic Giant and the rock thrower (who I considered could be used as an alternative war machine) stands around 90mm tall including the rock and the other two are around 75mm tall. They are based on 50mm squares. I seldom feel any need for blood on my miniatures but as the sculpt of the headless female victim has a gruesome stump of a former neck I reached for the GW blood. I have been short on time recently so these photos had to be rushed. In army list terms these are 190 points each and they are described as having small brains. The look of these brutes seems to really fit the description.

The Challenge has been awesome thanks to Michael Awdry as my Saturday Minion and of course the Curt as well for keeping us all challenged. Well done all of you who painted something and thank you to those who may not have painted but cheered us on through comments.

Cheers from Brendon.

From Byron:

Well, I have painted in some strange places and times while traveling for work, but I think you would have me (and every other painter on here) beat if you would have hauled out the brushed during the cyclone! Now that would have been a story to tell the kids!  "Back in my day, not even a cyclone could stop us from doing our hobbies, not like you young whipper snappers!"

In all seriousness though, glad you are ok, and these look really good.  Especially given that they were done in a rush, and given the large areas of flesh tone.  I always struggle with painting flesh and especially large areas of it, but I think you did extremely well with these.  The eyes also look good, you may be right on the fact that looking down may have been better, but I won't fault you for that as the eyes themselves look great!  I also really like the models themselves, they have a ton of character.

As for points, I am going to score them as a 28mm vehicle each and grant 15 points per as that seems to be the going rate for this size model, but will add a bonus 5 for the bigger one, just so you don't feel cheated (and since you were a fellow Saturday challenger!).

Awesome work Brendon.


  1. Wow, these look tremendous Brendon. I'm not a huge fan of having to fill in gaps (very lazy hobbyist it seems) but these guys, as you say, were worth it. The two headed guy is brilliant. One head is on a diet, while the other is decidedly not. :)

  2. These are awesome! Tons of character.

  3. One of them is technically a bicyclops...
    ; )

    Excellent work, especially given the recent meteorological unpleasantness - I really shouldn't complain about a bit of Sydney heat!

  4. Wonderful looking Cyclops! Especially the flesh tones came out nicely.

  5. Great stuff, Brendon- well done for weathering the storm as well!