Tuesday, 20 March 2018

From TeemuL: A Bridge and a flag (12 points)

First a bridge from Warbases, 15mm scale. A very simple, single arch bridge. Painted to look like grey stone. I added some Agrellan Badland to cover the joins and bring some texture, couple of tufts added as well. They are may be a bit too big, they make the bridge look smaller. I tried to create some track marks, but they didn't work out very well, at least they are hard to see. Some dark blue and green around the drum to hint about possibility of water, moist, moss etc.

Assault Gun painted in the previous challenge, just showing the scale

And then there is banner bearer for my Numenor army, I painted him at the same time as the previous two, but I run out of empty wine bottles and couldn't finish the flag until now. Nothing special here.

About scoring, the bridge is approximately 4"x2,5"x1" and my calculations say, it would be 5,5 points. That's a bit over I think, because I rounded the dimensions up.

The banner bearer is regular 25mm Games Workshop human for Lord of the Rings, so 5 points.
That is 10 points. But may be the terrain piece and the flag round the total all the way to the eleven. May be not. We will see. Anyway, I don't really need any more points, I have passed my target and I can't reach the next level anymore.

From Byron:

How about we round it up to a whole 12!  It is a nice last minute entry, and being a terrain maker am always a sucker for good looking terrain, especially since you spent some extra time and made it look like more than plain MDF.   The standard bearer and flag are also nice, but to me the bridge is the star here.

Great challenge this year Teemu, I hope you enjoyed yourself.