Tuesday, 20 March 2018

From SidneyR: Curtgeld - The Laarden Brigade at Breitenfeld, 1631 (30 Points)

My final, fourteenth, submission for the Challenge is my 'Curtgeld'. Hopefully complementing Curt's own Breitenfeld collection, this submission commemorates what has been, until now, a forgotten piece of history from the Thirty Years War.

I am far from the best person to describe this historical discovery. So, please, let me introduce you to your commentator for this unearthed piece of historical arcana: Don Fernando de Torrescusa, Marques de Girona, Envoy of His Most Catholic Majesty, Carlos the Second, King of Spain, to the Flemish Free City of Laarden in 1688 ....

So there you have it, dear Challengers. A small piece of history, in 2mm scale, commemorating another fine, proud, if now sadly-forgotten, moment in history from the Flemish Free City of Laarden.

As soon as I found out Curt was preparing for a 2mm Breitenfeld game, I always knew what my Curtgeld would be this Challenge!   They're tiny 2mm Irregular Miniatures from their Renaissance range and, fingers crossed, their bases should match Curt's own... although I have kept them plain so that extra bits can be added to make them fit in even more with the Regina Chapter Approved forces for 1631.   

And, dear Challengers, that's my final 20 points of Challenge VIII.  Thanks again everyone!


Haha!! This is just brilliant Sidney - I absolutely love it.

Being an archivist, I am astounded that you found concrete documentary evidence that the fine men of Laarden were at the cauldron of Breitenfeld. This is a coup of the first magnitude. Truly, it will rock the very halls of academe. :)

Thanks so much mon ami, these figures are brilliant. I will make sure that these fine fellows are positioned in the first line of battle to receive the honour that is due them. God save them all.

Until next time Mr. Roundwood. Adieu and farewell kind sir.



  1. A wonderful finish to the challenge Sidney!

  2. Lovely work and a great bit of set dressing!
    Best Iain

  3. I suspect that document may be a poor fake - it is written in English! ;)

    Nice work on the wee chaps Sidney :)

  4. You are the master Sidney I bow down to you in admiration!

    @Curt: Arthur thought an "archivist"is so cool because he "sets up dead animals so they look like they're still alive". :-)

    1. No, but very close, he must be thinking about my relationship with my staff. ;)

  5. That certainly must have been the most inspired post to finish the challenge. Well done Sid! It was a pleasure to follow you through the archives of Laarden.

  6. Nice work, Sidney, a fitting finish.

  7. Great conclusion to one of my favourite projects in the 8th Challenge. You and Curt has made me rethink taking a look at this period which I've never feel attracted at all.

  8. That is a wonderful Curtgeld! Well done Sidney, and thanks for minioning my somewhat sporadic entries!

  9. Oh man, this is hilarious and so well done. Great work!

  10. Oooh wonderful. You elevate he hobby with your imagination and storytelling