Tuesday, 20 March 2018

From David: So Four Wookies Walked on my Desk... (108 Points)

I did place all my unpainted Imperial Assault miniatures on my painting desk at the start of the Challenge. The wookies were to be my first entry, but after I base coated the brown, I ended up painting lots of green orks, then cultists,.....

Along the way, Han got some paint. I couldn't finish Chewie without Han being there.

If you start painting Han and Chewie, you have to include Luke!

Lando is part of the gang too and he has all those wonderful shades of blue!

But Lando owns Cloud City! he needs an entourage!

Better get the Ugnauts done as they are blue too, and Bespin workers!

Luke, Bespin... lets just add the Jedi as you can't have a good Star Wars game without Jedi mind tricks!

A rebel officer and trooper to pad the ranks with 2nd string heroes.

I bought the Bespin Gambit just to get this miniature. Ithorians (or hammerheads) are a very smart and peaceful race. Their primary expertise is negotiating as neither party will truly get a better deal than the other. they are experts at treaties and diplomatic solutions. For this Ithorian to be packing heat...somebody must've done something really bad to force her to set aside her pacifist beliefs!

I loved painting them all, but she is my favourite. The pen is not mightier than a sword as it can't win battles. The sword cannot write poetry. But mighty is the hand which knows the proper tool to use at the proper time. ;)

I cleared a lot of miniatures this time around, but I really wish the world didn't intrude quite so much in the challenge for me as it did. Although I didn't comment on each post (I'll catch up before April! I'm currently still in Feb!) I really enjoyed my morning cup of coffee reading the AHWPC emails. There was an exceptional amount of eye candy for viewing. Maybe next season Gov and work wifi will allow visits to sites with the word "game" strongly featured!

even now I'm doing 18hr days with work and am off to Chicago Wed for a long planned vacation. Adepticon! maybe I'll run into Brett and a few others there.

My brushes are cleaned and stowed and empty paint pots are noted. Most important of all, Thank you everyone for a grand bit of fun and escapism, this was a "monstrous" good time!


An excellent Star Wars finish to your Challenge gambit, David! 

I always thought that Fantasy Flight Games really hit it out of the park with these figures and your brushwork makes them all the better. Of course I love the Han, Luke and Chewie trio but I think I have to agree with you that the Ithorian is the star of this group. I really like the colour combination you chose for her layered cloaks and staff. Terrific stuff. 

I know from my own collection that those Wookies are 40mm tall so let's put the entire group at 108 points. Beautiful stuff. Thanks so much for your participation David. Your well-thought, considered support of ALL the Challengers is greatly appreciated. Have a great time at Adepticon, keep those wonderful girls of yours painting and I look forward to seeing you amongst the ranks next December.