Tuesday, 20 March 2018

From IannickM : Kleznot's Forest Goblin Mob (151 Points)

Woa! Damn, that was close! I worked overtime the last week to be sure I would get to submit one last submission to the challenge, and (for me at least) it's a big one! As I've mentioned before, I'm working on a Oldhammer Forest Goblins army, and no goblin army is complete without a big mob or two! 

So here is my last submission of the challenge, submitted about an hour before the deadline, Kleznot's Mob, a regiment made up of 30 of the little green bastards! 

The unit is made-up entirely of classic early 90s Citadel forest goblins, sculpted by gobbo master Kev Adams. And any Oldhammer aficionados knows how difficult it is to get your hands on these guys! I had a few from my original collection, and lucky enough to get a rather large army on Ebay many years ago. I absolutely love this range, not only are the early 90s my favourite goblin sculpts, but forest goblins in particular are just my favourite goblins! The unit, equipped with two handed weapons, is worth a whopping 141.5 points (and that's including the Big Boss)! Which, for anyone who plays Warhammer, is just ridiculously low for a 30 figure regiments! Yes, goblins are really poor fighters!

I included personal lance wielding guards on each side of Kleznot,
and used warpaints on all personnalities of the unit
But who cares, they look so good and cute! I used my orange-yellow-red colour scheme trio, and, while they were a lot of work, I'm super happy with them. Big units look good, always!

Although I will admit I swore a lot while painting these, as the amount of details on these guys is absolutely bonkers, especially for troops that you need so many of. I'm going to have nightmares about feathers, that's for sure. And I now have a love/hate relationship with Kev Adams!

The depth picture, to prove all the bastards have been properly painted!

On a final note, this was far from my best challenge, production wise, and I came quite short of my 500pts target (although I may have won the fantasy challenge with this entry, hey Robert? ;-) ). Last year was my best challenge ever, with a little over 700pts, and for some reason I tend to rotate between great and bad years! I could blame work, which is a bit insane these days (election year when you work for the government is sports people), but many of my wounds were self inflicted; I ran an Oldhammer challenge at the same time, which is time consuming, and I decided to start GMing a second table (Fighting Fantasy rpg, an all women table, I couldn't say no to that opportunity!) which can be extremely time consuming when you write your own campaign! So blame's on me. Next year, I can only assume will be a great challenge anyways! 

But as usual I still had fun, and I want to thank Curt and my minion Jamie for all their work. The challenge has become a part of my life, like the changing of the seasons, and my life would be poorer without it! Words will never say how much I appreciate all your hard work on this. And as someone who started his own challenge this year, I realize even more how much work this involves! 

And congrats to all the challengers! 

So, right, logistics: that's 30 goblins, 28mm, so 150pts! BOOM. 
Iannick's out.


Oooh, those are some mighty fine Forest Goblins, Iannick. I really like the orange, yellow and red coloured plumage and the blue faced chaps are the absolute bomb.  As you say they are cute individually but are even better when mobbed-up in a big unit like this. Bravo to you in collecting them and painting them to such a terrific standard. This army is going to be a real showcase force when you're done.

I knew you were busy with life and your own challenge but thanks anyway for participating as it would seem very odd without you in the ranks.

Until we meet in Montreal, adieu et bon chance mon ami.  



  1. Excellent! It i snot easy to find these old figures so well done on being the hunter and collector but you have done them justice with this superb paint job. cheers

  2. Amazing final entry Iannick! These really are some of the best goblins around! And your bright and cheerful paintjob really suits them well!

  3. Great painting on these goblins! They look splendid!
    Best Iain

  4. Iannick, that's one great bunch of Gobbos for sure, well done mon ami!

  5. Great looking Gobbos! They look great in their colourful garb.

  6. Thank you all for the comments!!

  7. Great work Iannick. Those are CLASSIC! They look great.

  8. Oh, you definitely won the fantasy duel!

    Rather splendid looking gobbos.