Tuesday, 20 March 2018

JamesM: Finishing with a bang... (92 points)

Hi folks,

My final entry for this years challenge is the final batch of guns I had wanted to complete for my Germans. Yet another set of 88's!

These are Battlefront 15mm metal models. Two of which I picked up at a bring and buy and were missing some crew figures and other bits, so I've had to beg, borrow and steal from other sources.

First up, I've got two guns painted up for my 12th SS force. Again, some light conversion work with the crew figures to green stuff on some camo covers for their helmets and trim off some shoulder tabs here and there to make them more the SS style jackets. I've then gone for a similar mix of SS camo, reflecting the difficult supply situation (and the colder and wetter days) which seems to have meant the older (warmer) non camouflage uniforms were still in some demand. Otherwise these are the same gun crew models from the 2nd pair of guns:

Each gun has 5 crew figures, with an additional 'loading team' base of three figures. I've still ammo crates, loose shells and spent casings to add (as well as some detail to the crew figures) but I was running out of time! I did try and paint 3 varieties of camo again, although the 'pea dot' is looking quite similar to the 'plane tree'.

The next two guns are the same models, but painted up as Heer - support for my 89.Infanterie-Division troops. These I got from new, so they also have the additional trailer units, which count for nothing in game - but I like to have on the table anyway.

Again, 5 crew per gun with an additional loading team each of 3 men. I had time to add some ammo crates here, but I still have more details to add and touch ups to do...

For the purposes of the challenge, I'm calling these done!

Total figures: 32 (64 points total)
Total guns: 4 (16 points total)
Limbers: 2 (12 points - I think these should be pointed as vehicles - 4 wheels and bigger than most jeeps and trucks!)

That should, hopefully, take me over 1000 points, against a target of 700. These may also be my biggest entry of the challenge, points wise!

From Byron:

Having painted some of these years ago, I can attest to the size of the limbers and will happily grant you vehicle points for them.  The set really is a great little diorama set and you have done a very good job on them. I really like them in the dunklegelb colour as it really shows the details more than the German dark grey I did mine in.  Your basing is nice as well and gives good contrast to the figures.

Congratulations on a personal best points entry and a great challenge all around.


  1. James mate they look awesome as have all your entries well do my friend, been great getting to know you better

  2. Excellent guns James. I really like how the bases can be switched around to provide different vignettes. Very nice.

  3. You’ve painted an awful lot of artillery this Challenge! A fitting finish.