Tuesday, 20 March 2018

From ScottM: Germans and Carthaginians (105 Points)

This year's challenge has been gangbusters for me as I've moved a number of projects along quite nicely. So for my last submission of the challenge, I've got a combination of two sets of 28mm figures. First up are two base of Carthaginian cavalry. The figs are from Renegade Miniatures. The base on the left are actual Carthaginians, while the one on the right are Gauls in the service of Carthage.

The second group of figures are a trio of World War II German Panzer II's from Warlord Games. Not much to say about these but that they painted up nice and easy.

So that should 6 - 28mm cavalry for 60 points and 3 - 28mm vehicles for an additional 45 points, for a grand final total of 105 points.

And that concludes my submissions for this year's challenge. Thank you to Curt and crew for running a great challenge. See you all next year!


Beautiful work Scott. Those Carthaginian cavalry look the absolute business. I especially like that you have a few Gauls in there to add a bit of variability and interest to the unit. Lovely stuff. 

The Panzer IIs are incredibly nice as well. I'm really taken with the faded panzer grey you came up with for them Scott - that, and their overall weathering looks just terrific. 

It was wonderful having you with us again this year Scott. I hope you will be on the roster the next time the snow flies and we roll out.