Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Ready KentG 1 Razide, French Dragoons plus a few WWII Winter Germans (145 Points)

 Here we Have another figure from probos games
This guy is called a Legion Razide, rather big gun
 And then we have a few more winter troops
 a friend of my told me today that they need red arm bands
so maybe sometime i might add that
 So here we have another 12 Dragoons
 i decided i needed to replace the 12 that i sold and 
i really liked the pink so hopefully ill keep these ones


The Kent Painting Machine grinds on! Beautiful work mate. While Razide's gun looks like he's compensating for something I do like his blue-grey skintones. The volksturm trio, even without the red armbands, look suitably cold and resigned to their grim fate. But for me the stars of the show are the regiment(!) of French Dragoons, especially the French trumpeter in his reversed colours of pink and white (it takes a big man to pull that off).

145 Points to help reinforce your top position in the points standings. It also vaults you over the 5K barrier. Bravo Kent!


  1. Nice, particularly like the Dragoons

  2. Lovely work Kent and congrats on busting that 5k barrier wide open :)