Tuesday, 20 March 2018

From ByronM - 30k and 40k Deathguard (120 points )

I had plans this year to get a lot more of my 30k Death Guard done and then never did.  I have several vehicles and a pile of infantry sitting here primed waiting, but ran out of time.

I did manage to complete 2 additional infantry units right at the buzzer to add to my force, but there is so much more that will just have to sit and wait until next year.
The first unit is a unit of Death Guard heavy infantry with Volkite Culverns.  The volkite weapons are essentially martian death rays and cause deflagration (more wounds caused for every initial wound caused) and considering that each gun has 4 strength 6 attacks, it sounds insanely powerful!  However, in actual use they don't do that much as in 30k it is mostly marine on marine fights and the guns don't negate marine armour, so realistically they don't do that much....  But man the idea and thought is cool, and the guns look AWESOME, so I had to do a unit.
Next up, is a simple unit of 10 Death Guard infantry with bolt guns.  Nothing fancy, but this gives me a fourth unit of 10 of them, so only about 6 more units to go....

Next up is a 40k Death Guard Forgefiend, well actually just a Chaos Nurgle Forgefiend as Death Guard are no longer allowed to take them as Death Guard units, but that's just typical silly GW semantics.

This guy has been heavily modified from the base model so that it fits in with my other Death Guard vehicles and monsters.

Here is what a real one looks like:

Here is mine while being modified with green stuff, and please note I got this as a used model from a friend, hence the red paint job underneath all the greenstuff:

Here are more pictures of the forgefiend along with some of the other models from my 40k Death Guard army for both scale and to show how he fits in with "Blinky" my dreadnought, and "Fat man running" my favourite Death Guard marine.

Oh, and just because I usually play with Greg and Dallas and they DESPISE all the skulls, tentacles, and spikes on Chaos models, I made sure that in addition to all the tentacles on this guy, I based him on a base that is all skulls.  I can just imagine Greg starting to twitch already :-)

I have one more small post later, but wow it has this been a trip this year....

From DaveD guest minion. Byron you continue to treat us with these. The forgefiend certainly looks the part - another 120 to add to your points


  1. You just keep cranking them out Byron - great work :)

  2. Awesome work Byron. I love the 'would like some more skulls with your skulls' base of skulls. :)

    I await the snark comment from Greg...

  3. Great stuff but needs more skulls....and tentacles! :)
    Just kidding but they all look excellent. Cheers and well done this years challenge.

  4. My Skullometer is screaming... lovely conversion work!

  5. Another lovely stroll down Skull Lane....oh Byron...