Tuesday, 20 March 2018

From NoelW: Seven hours from touchdown (396 points)

Time is slipping away, and with this post I've posted almost everything that's likely to be finished. Perhaps one small post to follow this one.

This is where I've been focusing most of my effort of late, as I've become quite excited by the return to 15mm, though I find I've not quite the skills I used to have, so some of the painting is a little - um - flawed. Or "creative". Let's call it "creative".

Here's the offering: 30 French grenadiers and 77 French cavalry.

Which breaks down into:


Heavy cavalry:

And light cavalry, consisting of hussars (Bercheny's in this case)

and dragoons:

Finally, there are a few cannon to support the troops, probably for use in fortifications, or maybe aboard ship, left over from those I posted about a month ago:

No crew for these, as yet, which makes them rather useless. They're on the shopping list.

Pointswise that's 30 15mm inf @ 2 = 60, 77 cav @ 4 = 308 and 7 guns @ 4 = 28

Total: 396 points.


From SidneyR (stand-in Minion):  

Wow....and I mean ....WOW.  Noel, this really is a last minute, quite remarkable paint-bomb to drop into the Challenge.  When I look at the top of our beloved "Points Summary", I can only marvel at the output of you and the other Paint Demons in the higher places.  But to produce so much, of such quality, at the eleventh hour - well, it's wonderful, and deeply inspiring.

This is indeed a splendid submission.  I don't know what you mean about "creative", becuase these formations would grace any wargames table I have seen.  I love the variety you've managed to paint as well - everything from steady Grenadiers, to galloping hussars and fearsome artillery.  Really fine work, and a well-deserved 396 points (gosh!) to add to your magnificent total.  Awesome work, Sir - we salute you!


  1. Absolutely fantastic nice and bright I think you've done an awesome job on these

  2. What a fantastic last minute points bomb Noel :)

  3. remarkable is just the right word to describe Noel, Sid. Oh well Noel, you just about managed to surprise me yet again. Excellent work even if a bit creative (not that I notice any creativity if you catch my meaning ;-)