Tuesday, 20 March 2018

KentG French heavy cav and ww2 germans (200pts)

 Just a quick post before i race off to work
i have one more post to do and then thats me ladys and gents
its been a blast, these are a few of the winter Germans i picked up last week really enjoying the change from the French Naps

 And then we have these lads which i painted up with the dragoons over two days last week
really pleased with them always loved the look of these guys

From DaveD guest minion - People  I think Kent has 6000 points in sights - he still has more posts to come...
The Cuirassiers are a piece of work alright - always nice to see a decent sized regiment. The winter Germans look suitably frost bitten to me - altogether 200 points with a little minion bonus cause I really like the cavalry - your point total will update a little later..