Tuesday, 20 March 2018

From PeteF: AWI 33rd Foot - The Last Levy (138 points)

It was with a sense of relief tinged with disappointment that I realized last night that there was no way I would finish this battalion in the following 7 minutes (when it would be 12.01am Saskatchewan time). These were the last of the troops that I primed back in December. But then I noticed the countdown clock gave me 1 day and 7 minutes... I asked fellow challengers on Facebook if we did indeed have a few more hours. They said yes so this morning the race was on.

Detached  Grenadiers
The 33rd foot fought throughout the Revolutionary War - from the Battle of Sullivans Island in 1776 to Yorktown. I'm planning to run Wetzels Mill at an event later this year - a battle that was fought shortly after Cowpens. Thanks to the motivation of the Challenge I've got a good start on the Crown forces. The Perry brothers will be relieving me of a bit of cash in the next few months as I'll be needing a load of colonial militia and some cavalry for both sides.

The 33rd foot later became the Duke of Wellington's Regiment - the fictional Richard Sharpe joined them in India where they were part of the siege of Seringapatam. 

This was a bit of a speed painting job - I noticed quite a few corrections I need to do when I was photographing them - but they'll do for gaming. Didn't have quite enough time for the drummer - had trouble with the white coat. It's just the drummer and 3 gabions that didn't get completed.

All Warlord/Wargames Factory from the Liberty or Death Set. 

A Big Thank You to Curt and his minions for organizing and running the Challenge - and also to the many people who comment on the posts (I think Tamsin comments on all of them). Your encouragement is much appreciated and the Challenge would have had a big effect on my lead pile if I had prevented myself from adding to it over the last 3 months.

Cheers all - hope to be here next year.


Haha! I'm delighted that my somewhat elastic sense of 'hard deadline' came through for you Pete.

These are great, especially for being done within a day - wow. I particularly like that second last image of the fellow pulling back on his hammer. Great figure that! 

I'm also very happy that you had a good time over the past three months. The Challenge is blessed with a great bunch of people, which makes the solitary chore of painting toy soldiers that much more social.

Hope to see you next season.


  1. Really nice AWI troops,all done in one day? That's impressive!
    Best Iain

  2. Nicely painted Pete :)

    I did try to comment on all the posts, even though I wasn't taking part this year :)

  3. Great to see you've finished them in time Pete, great stuff!

  4. A last minute reprieve! Well done!