Tuesday, 20 March 2018

From SidneyR: Le comte de Garnier's Alsatian Horse, 1688 (145 points)

My final entry for Challenge VIII, my thirteenth (no, I'm not superstitious), is a squadron of Horse from the regiment of le comte de Garnier, from the province of Alsace, around 1688. 

Like the Lorrainer horse, featured in my last submission, the Alsatian horse regiments in the Hapsberg Imperial army had a good reputation on the battlefield, supplementing Spanish and Imperial armies in late seventeenth century campaigns in the Low Countries and along the Rhine.  As such, the squadron is a good inclusion for my Spanish and Imperial forces focused on the fictional Flemish Free-City of Laarden around 1688, drawing on the uniforms and standards of the time (when I can find them).

I've again used Dixon Miniature's Grand Alliance figures for the bulk of the cavalry, with the addition of some Wargames Foundry horses, trumpeter and mounted standard-bearer.

The two cavaliers on the separate base are generic cavalry brigade commanders, really painted to fit with the Alsatian and Lorrainer horse squadrons.  Again, they're a mix of Wargames Foundry and Dixon Miniatures figures.

I added green-stuff to some of the figures, mainly adding feathers and some additional lace on the officers' uniforms.  Nothing to really change the figures, but enough to make them just a bit different for each unit formation.

So, for le comte de Garnier's squadron and the accompanying commanders, 14 cavalry figures and 140 points.

So, apart (possibly) from one very small, final entry this evening, that's my challenge for Challenge VIII completed.  I've had a lot of fun creating and painting figures from a sometimes-forgotten part of the late seventeenth century.  Thank you, everyone, for bearing with me!  

And, thank you to everyone for your wonderful support and comments, particularly the brilliant Monday crowd, the Minions, Tamsin, Sander, Miles and, of course, Curt and Sarah themselves.


What a fantastic unit of cavalry Sidney. I love how their bright emerald green coats are set against the bay and grey of their horses.  A very pretty unit of Imperial horse.

Sid, it's been a real treat to watch (and read) the history of Laarden further unfold over these past three months. As an observer I have see that each unit and personality has been carefully considered and created to fit within this wonderful, quasi-fictional universe. It truly is an amazing project. In addition, it has been great to see you having probably your most productive Challenge to date. You were on fire my friend, and am happy to concede the Renaissance Duel to you and your battle weary brush. Well done!

With a few points added for the lovely banner, lace and feathers I put this at 145 Points. 

Now, once the dust settles, lets find time to open a bottle of Rioja and get back to finishing those 2mm Thirty Years War rules, shall we?  :) 


  1. Another splendid unit Sidney :)

  2. Fantastic Sidney and the green looks wonderful! Excellent basing as well!


  3. Awsome looking troop of cavalry and I love the flag.

  4. Another fantastic cavalry unit! Consistently wonderful painting you totally deserve to win the renaissance duel well done! I'm now trying to find some late 17th, early 18th century figures to paint for you!
    Best Iain

  5. A stunningly beautiful painting!

  6. I have said it before and will say it gain... Sidney, you need to do some painting videos! Stunning stuff here. I so love the hard contrast style, but can just never pull it off. Teach us!

  7. Those green jackets are truly splendid Sidney, yet another awesome addition to the most prolific project in the Challenge!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous Sidney! The green itself is a treat for the eyes, but in combination with the horses it absolutely rocks.