Tuesday, 20 March 2018

From ByronM - Mechanicum and terrain ( 60 points )

First up, I have the last two 30k Mechanicum figures that I am getting done this challenge.  They are 2 more HQ models and are called Magos.

They have given most of their bodies over to the machine god and have very little humanity left.  Which is probably a good thing since the weapon on their side is a Rad Cleanser, which as the name suggests cleans away enemies with radiation.  Lovely, friendly guys, aren't they?

To get command points in 40k you need to fill certain slots in your command structure, so I needed to get to 3 HQ models and hence these guys being added, which allows me to move my auxilia Magos to his true elite spot.  This allows the army to get some additional spiff in game, and each Magos allows nearby robots to re-roll 1's on shooting, and can heal d3+1 wounds to any nearby robot each turn.  This is extremely powerful, especially given that the robots are the core of the army, and I don't get very many of them.
Oh, and for those that wanted a full army view, here you go.  So much for starting this project as a "It would be cool to have 2 or 3 robots to add into out 30k games", a few months later I now have a full other army!!!
Next up, a building I have been working on designing for a while to add to my Middle Eastern set of terrain.  As some of you likely know, I run www.northernlightsterrain.com and did a middle east set to play Spectre on. Some of you may have even seen them at Salute or other conventions as one of the key demo guys from Spectre (Ivan) picked up a full set and did some amazing mods and changes to them to make them look fantastic! One key piece I missed in my initial set was a mosque, and it has been requested a few times.

This piece is fairly large at roughly 10x8x4 and then the towers giving a very small area that is higher.  The roof comes off and it has a tiled interior.  This version has some tile roof sections from green stuff world that I thought would look good, however to me it almost looks like a Taco Bell now...  So, I have made 2 new fronts for it, with either a square door front section so that it looks like a Spanish / Mexican old west church, or a front with a big sign and windows so that you can make your own taco bell.

While the kit is straight plain MDF, as you can see with a little liquitex smeared onto it, and some plasticard tiles, you can add a lot of extra feel to it and it looks a lot less like flat MDF.

There are a few more small posts coming today, but nothing big, so I am pretty sure the top 3 are set for the challenge (unless someone lower than I am does a huge points bomb).  In fact I already sent Noel a message last night letting him know that I didn't have enough things going up today to beat his score and that he should not worry or kill himself in a last minute rush to ensure he stays in the top 3 due to my points.... After all, I never expected to get this much done, and never really worry about points anyway, it's all about getting stuff done.  I can't promise someone else doesn't try to pip him, but I won't be.

From DaveD Guest Minion - More fine work from you Byron - the full army view is awesome. That also looks a fine building and nicely different to others I have seen too - with the extra work its come up really well  - 60 points to add to your total which will be updated a bit later


  1. Nice work Byron and that mosque looks great :)

  2. Nice work. Looks like you are going to pip me to the worst place of all, 4th. Cracking challenge from you this year

    1. What, so we are racing to be the 1st loser (as 1st through 3rd get prizes)? Guess neither one of us are all that bright are we? :-) No matter how we finish it was a tonne of fun, and don't worry, I will not be anywhere near the top next year, this was too much painting!

  3. Great work Byron! Adding that texture to MDF massive improves the look!

  4. An - “cleansing” radiation from the mechanicum...