Tuesday, 20 March 2018

AdamC: Random "Monsters" (31 Points)

My Final entry of the Challenge this year. My Thanks to Ray for his able handling of the Wednesday crew. My entry last week was derailed by snow.  Snow days used to mean extra painting time when I was an apartment dweller now as a home owner it means extra time with a snow blower. 

Enough moping about a the weather I have 5 Bones "Monsters" to share with you today

 First up an Oni (some times called an Oger Mage by the D&D crowed).  The miniature has great details on the body but the face is a bit mushy.

 For skin tone I tried to go with something that wouldn't look too outlandish if I put him in with three ogres I painted earlier in the challenge. Also Oni are traditionally shown as red.

 This fellow has quite a club its a bit too spiky for a true Kambo  but it should get the job done.  The fellow does look like he could be casting a spell which is a bonus. 

Another figure inspired by Asian mythology.  This fox woman hold up a treasure perhaps taunting a foe to come closer.  The Blue and yellow really worked well and set off the red fur nicely.  The white under the chin is intentional not a lack of paint :)

 For some reason the fur details photographed a lot better on the trail than anywhere else.

 Indian Jone's nightmare a giant Cobra/  I decided to make this one albino just for the cool factor.

 The figure comes with one of those terrain pieces I wish Reaper would sell with out the miniature.  Pieces of an Egyptian monument and a pair of canopic jars.

 This one is a favourite of mine the Bug warrior.  I painted him in metallic blue.  This could be his exoskeleton or body armour.  The cape seems to be the only article of clothing other than a harness system holding several daggers.

The swords look a bit like bee stingers.  This guy would be great for Sci-fi or super hero games he even has cape.  I oped for  jewel tone green.

My last Lycanthrope of the challenge a classic Werewolf (it seemed like the proper last entry. I painted him in dark grey then did a black wash.

 I then did a dry brush of silver gray on top.  I love the way he came out he looks a lot like several real wolves I have had the opportunity to see up close (at Wolf Hollow)

The details on the month came out great and I feel this fellow was a strong finish to my Challenge.

Thanks all for a fun challenge.  I believe I can claim victory in the New Parent duel as I believe hit my target first, I would ask my fellow duellists to confirm or deny.  to My time spent with Evelyn watching me paint has apparently been well spent as she gets very excited about painting at Daycare.  Look at that concentration!  Maybe we'll enter a co-challengers in a few years.


This is a wonderful final flourish of monstrous creatures Adam - well done.  I think my favourites have to be the giant cobra and the werewolf (my childhood spooks for them cannot be denied). Evelyn has the look of a Challenge contender and I can easily see her putting her father through his paces in a few years time. 

It's been wonderful to have you with us again this year Adam and I hope that we see you on the roster for our next run through winter (or slog by the look of the snowfall there!).


  1. nice work Adam, I must say she looks very focused!

    1. Isn't it amazig how much focus a baby can express

  2. Thank you Curt. I'me very pleased with both the Cobra and the werewolf. Its been great taking part again. see you all next year.

  3. The Oni is an impressive chap, and that cobra? Nailed it, with a great colour scheme! But as a doting grandfather of three toddlers, I cannot help but approve of that picture of Evelyn. She's just adorable, and I hope she sticks with the painting! Great work, Adam!

  4. Took me a while to understand your first picture! Nice work!