Tuesday, 20 March 2018

From RobH: Lonely Outpost - Hilltop Trading Post (20 Points)

I picked up this resin piece in a discard bin at a local gaming shop years ago for only a couple of bucks. It has been sitting around gathering dust for a while. This year's challenge included a category for terrain pieces so I thought it would make a nice hilltop sitting for a 15 mm, trading post, hilltop fort, trading post etc.

I added a 15 mm dark age bow element to provide scale as the metal rule provides some glare. The base size is roughly 7 1/2 inches across by 7 inches deep and 3 inches tall, or roughly 160 cubic inches.  I'll let our wise leaders determine the scoring.

As an added bonus the roof lifts off for the placement of troops, cattle, supplies, etc in the building. 

As you can see the glue is still showing through in spots and in the background a Roman Command Group that I started work on. In January I hosted a BBDBA and was short a Roman Cav Command. That will not do.

I have another piece of foam with which to attempt another hill. 


Wow, that's a nice bit of kit for only a few bucks Rob. 

You've done a great job basing and painting it up. I particularly like how you did the thatching and basework. It has a cold, windswept look about it. Now you need a Hound of the Baskervilles or perhaps a Heathcliff and Cathy to set the scene. :)

I say that's worth a good 20 points. Well done Rob!